Over the years, Portugal has hosted a number of webinars with external companies.

Kathleen Lo

Kathleen Lo from Bordr.io

Kathleen Lo is the co-founder of Bordr, which she runs alongside her husband Richard. Bordr helps people moving to Portugal with essential services, such as obtaining a Portuguese NIF number and opening a bank account.

Kathleen answered a number of questions which are featured on the Portuguese NIF number guide and answered lots of other individual questions e.g. does my NIF expire and do my children need a NIF?

Camille Ramiere

Camille Ramiere is the founder of Bloom Spaces, a buyer’s agency that works with people buying property in Portugal. Camille previously worked as an estate agent on the seller’s side but felt that buyer’s needed support in navigating the Portuguese real estate industry. Bloom Spaces’ AMI is 16729 and trades as Crunchy Answer U. Lda.

Camille took part in a webinar for Portugalist and has answered a number of questions e.g. can foreigners buy property in Portugal and why are Properties in Portugal Sometimes Re-listed At a Higher Price?

Fernando Mendes

Jason Swan

Jason Swan is a financial advisor based in Portugal’s sunny Algarve, having previously worked in the UK. He is a qualified Financial Adviser (QFA) and also holds a Level 4 Certificate in Mortgage and Practice (CeMap) Level 3. He has provided lots of information about the Portuguese golden visa, particularly in relation to investing in funds for Portugal’s golden visa.

Paula Santos

Paula Santos is an accountant with TaxTeam Consulting, an accountancy firm based in The Algarve. TaxTeam Consulting offer accountancy services such as tax return preparation, NHR registration, and freelancer services.

Paula Santos took part in a Portugalist webinar and provided essential information for the guide to NHR, or non-habitual tax residency.