5 of the Best Algarve Wine Tours & Experiences

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The Algarve, better known for its stunning beaches and vibrant tourism, was thrust into the wine spotlight thanks to none other than Cliff Richard, who founded Adega do Cantor and has played a pivotal role in promoting Algarve wines. His influence has sparked curiosity among wine enthusiasts and casual drinkers alike, leading to a growing interest in what this region has to offer. 

Long overshadowed by regions like the Douro Valley or Alentejo, this beach destination in the south of Portugal is quietly making a name for itself in the world of viticulture. Gaining momentum and growing in popularity, the Algarve’s wine scene, once a well-kept secret, is now ripe for exploration.

Embarking on a wine tour in the Algarve offers more than just the chance to sample delightful wines; it’s an opportunity to delve into the local wine-making process. These tours take you behind the scenes at some of the area’s most charming vineyards. Here, you can see firsthand how local winemakers combine traditional techniques with modern innovation to create wines that are as unique as the region itself.

Quinta da Tôr

  • No hotel pickup

Embark on an enlightening visit to Quinta da Tôr, a family-owned winery renowned for its contribution to Algarve’s winemaking scene. This tour offers a unique opportunity to delve into the fascinating world of wine production and discover what sets Algarve wines apart.

During your guided tour of Quinta da Tôr, you’ll not only explore the winery’s facilities but also gain insights into the unique climatic conditions of the region. The Algarve’s cool winters and hot summers contribute to the balanced maturation of its seven grape varieties, including Touriga Nacional, Sirah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Aragonez, Siria, Arinto, and Chardonnay.

Following your exploration, you’ll dive into a curated wine tasting experience. Choose from a selection of wine classes and types, including Classic Wines, Oaky Wines, Brave Wines, Premium Wines, and the exclusive Golden Algibre Wines. Each selection is tailored to showcase the depth and diversity of Quinta da Tôr’s vineyards. As you sip and savour, relish the regional bread and olive oil, perfectly paired with your wine.

Note: this tour does not include hotel pickup and drop-off. However, you can easily arrange a taxi or Uber. See the map for the vineyard’s location.

Quinta Dos Vales

  • No hotel pickup

Explore the Quinta Dos Vales winery, guided by a knowledgeable team member who will reveal insights into their particular wine-making process. This is followed by a visit to their barrel cellar, where our red wines mature and develop their rich flavours for up to 12 months.

Of course, there’s more to Quinta dos Vales than just the wine. Consider wandering through the scenic gardens adorned with iconic sculptures, a place where art and wine blend harmoniously.

And of course, this tour includes a wine tasting which takes place on a terrace overlooking the vineyards.

Note: this tour does not include hotel pickup and drop-off. However, you can easily arrange a taxi or Uber. See the map for the vineyard’s location.

Quinta do Francês

  • Pickup is available from Lagos or Albufeira (see below)

Indulge in a delightful wine tasting journey, experiencing a variety of top-quality wines from a local Algarvian winery during a four-hour tour in a cosy minivan with a small group. 

Savour three exquisite local wines, complemented by a selection of tapas featuring cheese and sausages. Take a behind-the-scenes look at the winery’s production area and wooden barrel room, where the winemaking magic happens. 

Afterwards, the tour takes you back to Lagos through the beautiful countryside, with stops to admire the renowned Algarve oranges, ancient cork trees, and some of the region’s oldest villages. There’s also time to explore the historic Moorish village of Silves. Stroll its quaint cobbled streets, visit the impressive castle, and soak in the atmosphere before returning to your accommodation in Lagos.

  • If you need pickup from Lagos, book this tour
  • If you need pickup from Albufeira, book this tour.

Cabrita Wines

  • No hotel pickup

Journey to the heart of Algarve’s winemaking tradition with a visit to Quinta da Vinha, home to the distinguished Cabrita Wines. For over fifty years, the Cabrita family has nurtured this vineyard, earning a reputation for their commitment to innovation and quality in the Algarve wine scene.

José Manuel Cabrita, the son of the vineyard’s founder and its current owner, has seamlessly blended traditional methods with modern innovation. This evolution of winemaking culminated in 2007 with the release of the first wine under the Cabrita brand, marking a new chapter in the vineyard’s history.

Your tour at Quinta da Vinha offers an intimate glimpse into the world of Cabrita Wines. It begins with a guided stroll through the lush vineyards, where you’ll witness the care and dedication that goes into nurturing the grapes. Following this, you’ll step inside the production rooms, gaining insights into the intricate processes that transform these grapes into the exquisite wines the Cabrita family is known for.

The highlight of your visit is a carefully curated wine tasting session. Here, you’ll sample three of Cabrita’s finest wines, each offering a unique expression of the Algarve’s terroir. These wines are thoughtfully paired with an array of delicious cheeses and charcuterie sourced from local producers, enhancing your tasting experience.

Note: this tour does not include hotel pickup and drop-off. However, you can easily arrange a taxi or Uber. See the map for the vineyard’s location.

Adega do Cantor

  • Pickup from Albufeira
  • Wine tasting costs extra

Embark on a delightful half-day tour that celebrates two of Portugal’s greatest passions: exquisite food and fine wine. 

Your adventure starts as you hop into a convertible vehicle, setting the tone for an exciting excursion. The first destination is a charming local vineyard, Adega do Cantor, where you’ll delve into the world of Portuguese winemaking. Here, you have the opportunity to taste a selection of wines (available at an additional cost), each offering a unique insight into the region’s rich viticultural heritage.

As the wine tickles your palate and your appetite begins to grow, the tour takes you to the town of Guia. Known for its culinary specialities, Guia is the perfect place to indulge in one of Portugal’s most famous dishes: peri-peri chicken. This isn’t just any chicken; it’s a succulent, grill-kissed delight, famous for its fiery peri-peri marinade – a recipe steeped in history and flavour. 

This tour is designed to be intimate and personal, ensuring a small group for a more engaging and memorable experience. With hassle-free transfers included, you can relax and immerse yourself fully in the joys of Portuguese wine and cuisine.

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