What is Saudade?


Saudade is a Portuguese word that’s often described as untranslatable but, open a bottle of wine with a Portuguese friend and, they’ll happily try to explain it to you. The truth is that saudade can’t be translated into a singular English word, but that doesn’t mean we can’t explain it in a few English words. … Read more What is Saudade?

A Quick Guide to Religion in Portugal

Christ the King statue

Like most European countries, particularly Southern European countries, Catholicism has been a big part of Portuguese life. Portugal is a strong catholic country, home to the miracle of Fátima, and the birthplace of two popes (Damasus I and John XXI). Despite the Catholic influence, Portugal doesn’t actually have an official religion. In fact, church and … Read more A Quick Guide to Religion in Portugal

The Portuguese Flag Explained

Portuguese Flag

Flags are never a random assortment of colours, patterns, and symbols. Although some flags are prettier than others, the colours and patterns are never chosen simply because they look nice. Everything has meaning and significance. The Portuguese flag is no different. Red and green wasn’t chosen simply because the committee that designed the flag liked … Read more The Portuguese Flag Explained

A Guide to Christmas in Portugal

lisbon Christmas tree

Christmas in Portugal is a unique experience. For some people, particularly those that come from very cold parts of the world, it doesn’t feel Christmasy enough. For others, the ability to walk outside and even get a little Vitamin D is a real Christmas miracle. The more and more time I spend here, the more … Read more A Guide to Christmas in Portugal

10 Things Portugal is Famous For

Ronaldo statue

Portugal sits on the edge of Europe in relative obscurity, especially when compared to neighbouring Spain and France. Most people have not only heard of Spain and France, but could easily list a few facts about each country and its culture. Although most people don’t know a lot about Portugal, there are at least 10 … Read more 10 Things Portugal is Famous For