Review: Wax Museum of the Portuguese Discoveries, Lagos

The appeal of most wax museums – Madame Tussauds, for example – is that the sculptures are instantly recognisable. How good (or bad) a wax museum is depends, usually, on how accurately the wax models depict the various celebrities. Lagos’ Wax Museum of the Portuguese Discoveries takes a different approach. It focuses on famous figures from the Age of Discoveries, people … Read more

IKEA Delivery in Portugal

IKEA has several stores across Portugal: One in Lisbon (Alfragide), one in Loures (about 18km from Lisbon), one in Braga, one in Matosinhos just outside of Porto, and one in Loulé near Faro. Online Shopping & Delivery While it’s possible to browse IKEA Portugal’s online catalogue online, it’s not possible to buy all of those products online. … Read more

How To Shop At Amazon from Portugal

Looking up Amazon on the iPad while in Portugal

Yes, you can shop at Amazon from Portugal. Simples! Well, almost. Amazon doesn’t have a warehouse in Portugal so you’ll have to shop at one of the Amazon stores in another country (for example Amazon UK, Spain, or Germany).  Now, the question is: which Amazon should you shop at? Which site offers the best prices, … Read more

Long Term European Breakdown Cover for UK Drivers

While many breakdown policies offer European cover, there’s usually a limit as to how long that cover is valid for. Standard breakdown cover policies don’t offer long-term European cover but most companies usually have a separate expat-friendly option. The AA – Offers a 364-day annual policy (which can now be bought online). Suitable for multiple trips to … Read more

European Car Insurance Cover for UK Registered Cars

This is part of a series of posts on driving in Portugal. Other posts in this series discuss buying a left hand drive car in the UK and long-term European breakdown cover for UK Reg cars. This post discusses British car insurance companies that will cover you for a long term stay in Europe. UK reg cars can only be … Read more

Buying a Left Hand Drive Car in the United Kingdom

This post is part of a series on importing a car into Portugal. This post covers the actual buying of the car in the UK. Other posts in this series discuss importing a car into Portugal, UK car insurance companies that offer long-term European cover, and breakdown cover for long-term European stays. Both new and second hands … Read more

REVIEW: 300 Days of Sun


Mystery, intrigue, and a touch of saudade. 300 Days of Sun, the new novel by British author Deborah Lawrenson, is an absolutely unputdownable story set in Portugal. A tale of two expats “You got so used to being saturated by light in this country that overcast skies seemed weighty and depressing.” – Deborah Lawrenson The novel follows the … Read more

The Algarve for Digital Nomads

algarve digital nomads

The Algarve could be the perfect digital nomad hotspot. A coffee (bica) can be as cheap as €0.50 and a beer often costs €1 or less. There’s miles of beautiful coastline and it’s usually very easy to find a café with wifi as well.  Then there’s the surfing. The Algarve, particularly the West Coast, is … Read more

Portugal Packing List: 18 Essential Things to Bring to Portugal

So, you’re going to Portugal. Woohoo! Now, it’s time to get packing. From sunglasses to passports, there are a lot of things that you need to remember but hopefully this list will make remembering everything that little bit easier. Note: This list covers all of the physical things that you need to pack for your … Read more

Airbnb Alternatives for your trip to Portugal

Over the past few years, Airbnb has quickly grown to become one of the most popular travel websites in the world. During that time I’ve used it many times, both in Portugal and abroad. Recently, Airbnb has become extremely popular and sometimes the accommodation choices have felt a bit more limited than they should. When it comes to booking … Read more