What’s it Like to Live in Aveiro? Should You Move Here?

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Published: September 2020 & Last Updated: January 2022

Known as the Venice of Portugal, Aveiro is quickly becoming a popular destinations for tourists visiting Portugal. But, because it’s small, well-maintained, and close to the coast, it’s also becoming a popular place to live. Aveiro is nowhere near as big as Lisbon or Porto, but not everyone is looking to live in a big city. If you’re looking for somewhere pleasant, with easy access to the beach as well as nearby towns and cities like Coimbra and Porto and within daytrip distance of the Serra da Estrella, Aveiro could be right for you.

  • Location: Central Portugal
  • Type: Small city
  • Population: Around 80,000 (80,880 in 2021[1]https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aveiro,_Portugal)
  • Nearest beach: 15 minutes’ drive
  • Nearest airport: 79 km (Porto Airport)

Food & Drink

You can’t leave Aveiro without trying Ovos Moles at least once, but that’s definitely not the only thing to try here. Another popular sweet is tripas (no relation to the Porto tripe dish) which are essentially crepes.

Public transport & getting around

Because Aveiro is quite compact, you don’t really need to think too much about getting around: you can easily walk between the attractions in the city centre. There are only really two attractions that are a little further away: the salt marshes (possible to walk or cycle to) and the nearby town of Costa Nova (easy to get to by bus).

Aveiro has a train station, which makes it easy to get to nearby cities like Coimbra and Porto as well as further away destinations like Lisbon and Faro. There’s also a bus station. From here you can get local buses to nearby destinations like Costa Nova as well as to cities that are a little further away.

A car is always recommended in Portugal, but you won’t need it in Aveiro city centre. The town is compact and walkable. However, it will be useful for exploring the surrounding countryside.

If you want to leave Portugal, Aveiro’s nearest airport is Porto Airport (79 km). Lisbon Airport is slightly further away (236 km) but still not too far: the journey from Lisbon Airport to Aveiro takes just over two hours by car. 

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  1. A nice place to live. One downside is the tourists. There are a lot of them but they usually just stick to the canals and a few other places. Public transport is just okay. We are glad we have a car. Also there is a lot of competition for rentals here. Overall a nice place to live