Braga Luggage Storage Options

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Braga isn’t somewhere that you want to lug bags or suitcases around, especially if you’re planning to climb the almost 600 steps up to Bom Jesus do Monte. Unfortunately, even though there are lots of luggage storage options in Lisbon and Porto, there aren’t many options in Braga.

The best approach is the most practical one. Are you checking into a hotel or Airbnb in Braga? Ask them if you can drop off your bags early. The same applies if you’re checking out of a hotel or even sometimes an Airbnb: many places are happy for you to leave your bags for the day (although this is usually easier for places that have a reception like a hotel or a hostel).

Don’t worry if neither of those two things aren’t an option, though. Although there are only a limited number of luggage storage options in Braga, there are a few – and typically there are more options than there are in some of the smaller nearby towns like Barcelos or even Guimarães.

Radical Storage

Radical Storage (formerly BagBnb) is a luggage storage app that connects travellers with shops, cafés, restaurants, and other small businesses that are willing to store your bag – for a fee, of course: €5 per day, which is cheaper than the lockers at Braga Railway Station.

Bags and their contents are insured, with the exception of a few things like jewelry and cash, and everything can be booked through either Radical Storage’s website or app.

Unfortunately, Radical Storage only lists a few options in Braga.

Braga Train Station

There are now lockers. inside Braga Train Station. Most people visiting Braga, especially for a day trip from Porto, will take the train, so this will be the easiest option for most people. At €8.50-12 per 24 hours, these lockers are more expensive than using an app like Radical Storage.

Braga train lockers prices
Prices for the lockers at Braga Train Station (October 2019)

Braga Train Station is located just over 1 km outside of Braga City Centre, and you can easily walk into the centre in around 15-20 minutes.

Although these lockers aren’t normally full, it’s possible that they could be in which case you’ll need to use one of the other options on this list. It’s also worth noting that you can only store your bags for up to 72 hours, which isn’t ideal for those who need to store their bags while they walk the Camino de Santiago.

If that’s you, you’re better off either finding a place in Porto and starting the Camino there or using an app like Radical Storage.

Coming from Porto?

If you’re visiting Braga as part of a day trip from Porto, it may be easier to leave your suitcases and bags there rather than lugging them to Braga.

There are lockers at both Campanhã and São Bento railway stations, and there are many more options particularly on baggage storage apps like Radical Storage, Stasher, and LuggageHero.

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