11 Places to Find Mid-Term Rentals in Portugal

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While short-term accommodations and long-term rentals are widely available, there has been a growing demand for a more flexible housing option that caters to those seeking a stay longer than a few weeks but less than the commitment of a year-long lease. This is especially true in places like Lisbon, which attracts lots of digital … Read more

Flatio Review: A Promising Airbnb Alternative for Mid-term Rentals

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Flatio is an Airbnb-style platform that focuses on monthly and medium-term rentals, with a minimum stay of 5 nights. It’s particularly popular with digital nomads, but many prospective expats use it to connect with landlords and find accommodation for their D7 and D8 visas. On Flatio, you can rent an entire property or a private … Read more

10+ Co-Living Spaces that have opened in Portugal


Portugal, particularly Lisbon, is fast becoming Europe’s main hub for digital nomads. There are co-working spaces all across the country and, increasingly, co-living spaces as well. And let’s not forget that Portugal now has a digital nomad visa, which allows people to move to Portugal and become resident here. Co-living, for those not in the know, … Read more

15+ Companies that offer Campervan Hire in Portugal

A campervan by the cliffs in the Algarve

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If you’ve ever dreamt of spending a week, month, or even longer travelling by campervan then you’re in luck. There are an increasing number of Portuguese and international companies that have campervans for hire in Portugal. Travelling by campervan is a fun way to explore Portugal, and it’s a great way to thoroughly explore the … Read more

8 Castle Hotels You Can Stay At in Portugal

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Staying in a castle is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and, with castle hotels dotted across different parts of the country, Portugal could be the perfect place to enjoy that experience. Castle hotels are perfect for romantic getaways and special occasions, or just because you want to sleep in an actual castle. Although there are boutique castle … Read more

Glamping in Portugal: Camping with a side of glam


As great as apartments and hotels are, they’re not usually very exciting forms of accommodation. Many Airbnbs contain the same standard IKEA furniture and, although many hotels have fancy lobbies, restaurants, or rooftop pools, most have very simple and, ultimately, uninspiring hotel rooms. Many of us have spent countless hours trawling through sites like Expedia … Read more

House Sitting in Portugal – How to Live in Portugal For Free

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House sitting entails caring for someone’s residence while they’re away, offering you a chance to stay without paying rent. Typically, as a house sitter, your main duty is to care for the homeowner’s pets. However, each assignment is unique, and sometimes the mere presence of someone in the home is enough to deter potential intruders. … Read more