São João Festival, Porto: How to Celebrate Like A True Tripeiro

lantern ascending at Sao Joao festival in Porto

Today we’re jetting off to the festive streets of Porto, Portugal’s second largest city, for an immersive journey through the vibrant São João Festival. This is not your ordinary travel guide, as we’re going to uncover the hidden gems of this annual extravaganza and help you celebrate it like a true Tripeiro (a nickname for … Read more

20+ Portuguese Startups to Watch

employee sitting in front of his computer at a startup

Portugal, long celebrated as a retirement and holiday destination, is rapidly emerging as a hotbed for tech innovation. With a blossoming startup ecosystem and increasing global attention, particularly thanks to the annual WebSummit conference, here are some of the top startups that are transforming Portugal into a tech powerhouse. Have an idea for a startup? … Read more

Fado: Portugal’s soulful, mournful, and incredibly moving music

Fado is a style of music like no other. Mournful, stirring, and you could even say pessimistic – in true Portuguese fashion the lyrics tend to reflect on some of the sadder parts of life. If you’ve never been to Portugal before, chances are you’ve never heard Fado sung before. Listening to Fado is definitely … Read more