10 Things Portugal is Famous For

Thanks to highly popular residency visas like the D7 and golden visa, and the growing popularity of cities like Lisbon and Porto, more and more people are hearing about this little place on the edge of Western Europe, known as Portugal. Most people have not only heard of Spain and France, but could easily list … Read more

Halloween in Portugal: Does Portugal Celebrate Halloween?

In Europe, Halloween isn’t celebrated anywhere near as much as it is in the US and if you’re moving over from the US, you might be a little disappointed. People don’t decorate the outside of their houses, the halloween candy section in supermarkets is very small, and it’s rare to see adults in costume. That’s … Read more

Fado: Portugal’s soulful, mournful, and incredibly moving music

Fado is a style of music like no other. Mournful, stirring, and you could even say pessimistic – in true Portuguese fashion the lyrics tend to reflect on some of the sadder parts of life. If you’ve never been to Portugal before, chances are you’ve never heard Fado sung before. Listening to Fado is definitely … Read more

Tipping in Portugal: A Comprehensive Guide for Tourists & Expats

Tipping in Portugal isn’t as straight-forward as it is in other countries. While you may or may not agree with the tipping culture in the US, at least it’s straightforward. Here in Portugal, there are no rules about how much you should give as a tip in a restaurant, and it can often be very … Read more

Christmas Markets & Christmassy Attractions in Portugal

Over the past few years, Christmas markets have begun popping up all over the world. Originally a German and Central European tradition, they can now be found in Stockholm, Sydney, and everywhere in between. In Portugal, the Christmas market trend has been slow to catch on. You’ll find a few very small Christmas markets in … Read more