Somebody Feed Phil: Phil Rosenthal Visits Lisbon

Lisbon is a city that has attracted TV chefs and personalities from all over the world. The late Anthony Bourdain was probably the first personality to really put Lisbon on the map, and since then he’s been joined by the likes of British TV chef Rick Stein and now Phil Rosenthal. You may not have … Read more

The Best Gyms in Lisbon

Some people reckon you don’t need to join a gym in Lisbon – the city’s seven hills give you exercise enough. Then again it’s all about endurance. If you’re getting bored of trotting up and down the hills of São Jorge, São Vicente,  São Roque, Santo André, Santa Catarina, Chagas and Sant’Ana, this post should … Read more

Visiting Pastéis de Belém in Lisbon

If it wasn’t for the enterprising Pastéis de Belém, a bakery situated in the Belém neighbourhood of Lisbon, we might not have the pastel de nata (often called a Portuguese custard tart). The café was the first business to begin selling pastéis de nata commercially, and that lead to others trying to copy the recipe, … Read more

The Complete Lisbon Digital Nomad Guide

There’s Chiang Mai, Medellin, Barcelona, and there’s Lisbon. Over the past few years, Lisbon has become one of the top digital nomad hotspots, not just in Europe but in the entire world. It’s difficult to know just how many digital nomads there are in Lisbon, but the Meetup group has more than 20,000 members and … Read more

Lisbon Tours: 11 Ways to Explore Lisbon

From walking to food tours to photography tours, there are so many different tours that you can do in Lisbon. Each tour offers a different perspective on the city, and they are a fantastic way to learn about the city’s culture, food, architecture, and history from people that are truly passionate about Lisbon. The following … Read more

10+ of the Best Places for a Pastel de Nata in Lisbon

Portugal has some fantastic traditional dishes, but none of them have won the world over quite like the pastel de nata has. You’ll find pastéis de nata (or Portuguese custard tarts as many people have taken to calling them) in every café in Lisbon, and in Portugal. The question is: which café has the best … Read more

Tram 28 Guide + Some Alternatives (walking route & other trams)

Read any list of things to do in Lisbon and “Ride Tram 28” is almost guaranteed to appear somewhere. The ride follows what’s probably one of the most beautiful public transport routes in the world – and, you get to do the entire route in a beautiful, rickety old wooden tram. Unfortunately, as Lisbon has … Read more