Poncha: The Madeiran Drink That Packs a Punch

Madeiran Poncha

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Poncha stands as the most iconic alcoholic beverage on Madeira, crafted from aguardente de cana (a distilled spirit made from sugar cane juice), honey, sugar, and typically orange or lemon juice, though other fruit juices can also be used to make variations of the drink. Poncha, affectionately abbreviated by locals, was historically consumed by fishermen … Read more

Madeira Wine: Port’s Lesser-Known Wine Cousin

Madeira wine barrels

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Port Wine may hold the title as Portugal’s most renowned export, yet its lesser-known relative, Madeira wine, harbours its own rich tapestry of history and unique production methods. If you’re visiting Madeira, be sure to at least try a glass and take a tour of a vineyard. There are several on GetYourGuide.com. Made on the … Read more

Madeira for Digital Nomads

madeira hills

While Lisbon has long reigned as the premier destination for digital nomads in Portugal, the idyllic island of Madeira has been quietly but steadily making its mark on the global digital nomad scene. Historically known for its appeal to retirees and cruise ship enthusiasts, Madeira’s recent rise as a digital nomad hotspot is not surprising, … Read more

What’s The Internet in Madeira Like?

square in Funchal, Madeira with local residents wandering through it.

If you’re thinking about moving to Madeira, you may be wondering what the internet is like there? After all, the internet in mainland Portugal may be good but Madeira is a small Portuguese island that’s closer to Morocco than it is Portugal. In fact, Madeira is situated 967 km (601 miles) from Lisbon.  The good … Read more

Where to Store Your Luggage in Funchal, Madeira

tourists dragging their rolly suitcases through the streets

If you’re visiting Funchal, you may need to find somewhere to store your suitcases and backpacks for a few hours or even days. This is especially the case if you can’t store your luggage at an Airbnb, either if you arrive early or if your flight isn’t until later on in the day.  Thankfully, there … Read more

Madeira Food: 7 Things to Eat & Drink in Madeira

bolo de caco

bolo de caco

Situated in the North Atlantic Ocean, closer to Morocco than it is to Portugal, the island of Madeira is a unique part of Portugal with its own history, customs, and food. Many of these dishes are only really found in Madeira, and haven’t made their way into mainstream Portuguese cooking, and the only way to … Read more