Pico Wine: A Guide to One of the World’s Most Unique Wine Regions

vineyards on Pico Island

Although people are becoming increasingly familiar with wine regions in Portugal like the Douro, the Alentejo, and the Vinho Verde region, very few people have heard of the wines from Pico. It certainly is one of the most unusual style of Portuguese wine. Pico has a very different climate than the rest of Portugal (bananas … Read more

Climbing Mount Pico: How to Climb Portugal’s Tallest Mountain

Mount Pico from Captains Lake

There are three main things to do on the island of Pico: whale watching, wine tasting, and climbing Mount Pico. Of the three of these, climbing Mount Pico was definitely my favourite. It was also the toughest, but, then again, it’s probably not fair to compare mountain climbing with drinking wine and a boat trip. … Read more