4 Places to Open an EU Bank Account

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Opening a bank account in the European Union (EU) can be a smart move for many, from those planning to move to an EU country like Portugal, or buying a property abroad, or travellers who want to make handling money easier while they’re on the road. The main reason to get an EU bank account … Read more

What’s the Fastest Way to Open a Portuguese Bank Account?

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Do you need to open a Portuguese bank account quickly? That may be the case if you’re applying for a residency visa and have been told that you need to show a Portuguese bank account funded with at least 1 year’s living expenses (a common requirement).  Unfortunately, for whatever reason, it isn’t easy to open … Read more

What is the Best Portuguese Bank for Expats?

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When it comes to selecting the best bank in Portugal, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. Individual preferences and experiences can vary greatly, making it challenging to provide a definitive recommendation. Moreover, most people only have experience with one or two banks, which limits their ability to offer an unbiased, comprehensive comparison. However, given the importance of … Read more

Can Foreigners Open a Portuguese Bank Account?

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Foreigners can open a Portuguese bank account, however, that doesn’t necessarily mean that opening a bank account is always easy. The issue isn’t whether you’re a foreigner or Portuguese, but whether you’re a resident in Portugal or somewhere else. If you’re already resident in Portugal, opening an account is fairly simple. If you aren’t yet … Read more

Can I Get A Free Bank Account in Portugal?

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If you’re moving to Portugal, you’ll probably need to open a Portuguese bank account. And you’re probably wondering if there are any bank accounts that don’t charge monthly fees.  Most banks in Portugal charge a maintenance fee. This is typically between €4 and €8, depending on the type of account.  If you’re opening a bank … Read more

How to Open a Portuguese Bank Account (Online or in-Person)

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If you’re considering making Portugal your new home or buying a property here, you will need to open a Portuguese bank account. While opening a bank account should be a relatively straightforward process, that isn’t always the case (and it has become more challenging in recent years due to increased regulations). Don’t worry, though: At … Read more

How to Send Money to Portugal (& Get the Best Possible Rate)

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If you’re living in Portugal, or just spending a lot of time here, it’s quite likely that you’ll need to transfer money from a foreign bank account to a Portuguese bank account. For example: If you’re moving from another country that uses the euro (e.g. France) transferring money is free and easy, thanks to the … Read more