Understanding Taxes in Portugal

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Being resident in Portugal normally means being tax resident here as well, especially if you spend more than 183 days per year here. Residency and tax residency are both complicated issues, and there are exceptions, both most people living in Portugal will be tax resident here. Most visas like the D7 or D2 require you … Read more

How to Open a Portuguese Bank Account (Online or in-Person)

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If you’re considering making Portugal your new home, or investing in property here, you will need to open a Portuguese bank account. Not only does it simplify day-to-day transactions and bill payments, but a Portuguese bank account is also a prerequisite for many residency visa applications, including the D7 or golden visa. While opening a … Read more

FIRE & Living in Portugal: The Perfect Retirement Combination?

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Over the past few years, the FIRE movement (Financial Independence, Retire Early) has grown in rapid popularity in the US and, increasingly, in other parts of the world like the UK and Europe.  FIRE is about deferment. It’s about saving and investing as much of your income as you can while you’re in your 20s … Read more

How to Send Money to Portugal (& Get the Best Possible Rate)

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If you’re living in Portugal, or just spending a lot of time here, it’s quite likely that you’ll need to transfer money from a foreign bank account to a Portuguese bank account at some point.  For example: When you’re an expat living in Portugal, transferring money isn’t necessarily something you just do once. In fact, … Read more

Cost of Living in the Algarve: The Breakdown


The Algarve is a great place to live. More than 300 days of sunshine, beautiful beaches, and a laid-back culture making it a popular place to move to. The cost of living in the Algarve is also very affordable, particularly when it comes to food and drink. It’s possible for a couple to live in … Read more