Can a Married Couple Share a NIF Number?

It’s not unusual for long-term couples, particularly married couples, to share things, such as a joint bank account. What’s mine is yours, after all. Some couples also share an email address and even a mobile phone number. But what about a NIF number? Can a married couple share a numero de identificación fiscal as well? … Read more

How Using Your NIF Might Win You A Big Prize

A blue gradient logo with a four-leaf clover design on the left and the text "fatura da SORTE" on the right. The word "fatura" is in light blue, and "da SORTE" is in dark blue with "da" placed vertically next to "SORTE".

There are a number of reasons to use your NIF number in Portugal. Firstly, it may be a requirement in certain instances (e.g. buying a house or car) and, secondly, it could reduce your Portuguese tax obligations. There’s another reason too, and that’s that by using your Número de Identificação Fiscal (NIF number) when you … Read more

Do My Children Need a NIF?

Adults who are resident in Portugal need a Número de Identificação Fiscal (or NIF for short). This number is used for most transactions in Portugal. It’s optionally used in shops, for example, such as when you’re buying your groceries, and it’s needed for purchases like buying a house or car. You’ll also need one if … Read more

Do I Legally Have to Use My NIF When Making a Purchase?

When you go to the checkout at a Portuguese supermarket, the cashier will normally ask you a question like contribuinte? This means would you like to register your NIF number against this receipt. Sometimes you don’t get asked, though, and you also have the option of just saying no — as a non-resident visiting Portugal … Read more

What’s the Fastest Way to get a Portuguese NIF Number?

You may find yourself in the unusual position where you need a NIF and you need that number FAST! This could be the case if you’re applying for a residency visa (like the D7 or digital nomad visa) and you’ve just found out that you need one and want to get your application in ASAP. … Read more Reviews – NIFs, Bank Accounts, and Much, Much More (not to be confused with the Estonian E-Residence program known as ‘e-Residency’) is an online company that focuses on making bureaucracy easier for foreigners moving to Portugal and Spain. They are aimed at residency visa applicants that want to do their application themselves rather than use a Portuguese immigration lawyer. The company offers a … Read more

Can I cancel a NIF if I decide not to move to Portugal?

You may be thinking about moving to Portugal now, but your plans could change. You might decide that Portugal isn’t right for you or that you’re not ready to make the most just yet. If you’ve already ordered a NIF number, can you simply cancel it? This is a question that gets asked a lot … Read more

Reviews: – A Cheap Way to Get a NIF Number is a new website that promises to get your Portuguese NIF (Numero de Identificacao Fiscal) in as little as 14 days. Most NIF services charge anywhere between €150 and €500 for this service so, given that only charges €69 (with the code PORTUGALIST), it has attracted the attention of those thinking about moving … Read more

Bordr: NIFs, Bank Accounts, & Other Essentials for Moving to Portugal

Bordr is a new startup that aims to make Portuguese bureaucracy easier for foreigners who want to move to Portugal. The website was started by Richard and Kathleen, a husband and wife duo who themselves had gone through the challenges of getting a visa (the D7) and moving to Portugal. Having felt that there was … Read more