Graciosa Food: What To Eat On the White Island

Queijadas da Graciosa

Graciosa isn’t as visited as some of the other islands in the Azores, like Sao Miguel and Pico, but the island has a lot to offer. When it comes to food, its main offerings are in the sweet department and with its locally-produced wine, but it’s also home to some fantastic ingredients, like garlic and … Read more

Santa Maria Food: 10+ Regional Dishes to Look Out For

Biscoitos de Orelha

Santa Maria, the southernmost island in the Azores archipelago, boasts an incredibly diverse gastronomy steeped in local tradition and unique flavours. This culinary richness reflects the island’s fertile land, abundant sea and the resourcefulness of its inhabitants. From heart-warming soups and robust stews to sweet desserts and distinctive wines, Santa Maria’s food scene offers a … Read more

Alentejo Food: 9 Regional Dishes That You Have to Eat

Migas with Prawns

Welcome to the culinary world of the Alentejo, a region in Portugal renowned for its rich gastronomic heritage. Alentejo food reflects the region’s rustic charm, so expect hearty and satisfying dishes that are characterised by bread and meat. Ready? Let’s embark on a journey through Alentejo’s gastronomic delights, and experience the unique flavours and wholesome … Read more

Vegan Pastel de Nata? Yes, It’s Possible

pastel de nata from Vegan Nata in Campo de Ourique

Portugal’s custard tarts are famous the world over but unfortunately, the traditional recipe contains eggs and dairy making it unsuitable for vegans. Thankfully, the vegan scientists have been working away in the lab, trying to come up with something that tastes as close to the original as possible.  And they have. One of the best … Read more

20+ Foods That American Expats Living in Portugal Sometimes Miss

Stack of American-style pancakes with an American flag in the top

Portugal has some fantastic food (pastéis de nata at the top of that list) but there are always some home comforts that you’re going to miss, regardless of where you’re from. Thankfully, you’ll be able to find a lot of these products in Portugal, particularly long-life products. However, some products (like dairy products) are harder … Read more

How Much Do Groceries Cost in Portugal?

a supermarket in Madeira

Groceries are one of the biggest day-to-day costs that most people have and so you may be wondering how much it’ll cost you to do your weekly shopping in Portugal. Most people assume it’ll be cheaper – after all, wages are lower in Portugal – but that often depends on where you’re coming from and … Read more

Food Tours & Other Foodie Experiences in Porto

Tripas a mode do Porto-min

Porto is home to some of the best food in Portugal and if you’re a serious foodie, you’ll want to sample as many of its culinary creations before you leave. There’s so much to try! There’s the francesinha, the Porto bifana, the eclair, and Porto’s traditional dish: tripe (this isn’t for everyone!).  What’s the best … Read more