How To Learn Portuguese by Reading the News & Ebooks in Portuguese

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Reading is an essential part of learning a foreign language, including Portuguese. It’s one of the ways that you pickup new vocabulary, see grammar in action, and generally just immerse yourself in that language. If you’re living in Portugal, I would argue that it’s also important to read the news, blogs, and magazines in Portuguese. … Read more

Learn Portuguese by Reading Portuguese Books on Kindle

Translating on Kindle

Reading books in Portuguese can be a very effective way of learning the language, and having a Kindle makes it a lot easier to get your hands on Portuguese books – especially if you’re not in Portugal. This article talks about both the Kindle e-Reader and also the Kindle app, which is available for Android, … Read more

How to Practice Writing in Portuguese

Like reading, listening, and speaking Portuguese, writing is its own skill. It’s possible to excel in the other three areas, but be terrible at writing in Portuguese. Unless you live in a Portuguese-speaking country, and work in a Portuguese-speaking job, you may not actually do a lot of writing in Portuguese. In Portugal, for example, … Read more

How To Get Better At Speaking Portuguese

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Of all the skills (reading, writing, listening, and speaking), speaking is one of the hardest to master. The two main components that people struggle with is The act of speaking, especially thinking on your feet. Pronunciation. But, practice makes perfect, and the more you specifically work on your Portuguese speaking skills, the more you’ll improve. … Read more

So You Want to Learn Portuguese in Lisbon?

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You’ve decided that you want to learn European Portuguese and, more importantly, you want to learn Portuguese in Lisbon, but where do you begin? There are so many different language schools in Lisbon, how do you know which school is the best? Should you take an intensive course or would it be better to take … Read more

Learning Portuguese to A1 Level (absolute Beginner)

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According to the The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR or CEFL), the ability to speak, write, and understand a language can be broken into six stages: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, and C2.  A1 is the first level, and it essentially means absolute beginner. If you have an A1 level of Portuguese, you’ll … Read more

20+ Portuguese TV Shows (With Subtitles) That You Can Stream

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Watching Portuguese TV can be a great way to learn a few new Portuguese words and phrases and immerse yourself in the sounds of the Portuguese language. Unless your Portuguese is already at a very good level, you’re going to need to watch TV with Portuguese subtitles (legendas). That way, you can listen and read … Read more

Portuguese Slang, Insults, & Swear Words (You Probably Don’t Need to Know)

Portuguese Slang Word Cloud

Welcome to the colorful and occasionally rambunctious world of European Portuguese slang and those words your Portuguese grandma might gasp at! Let’s forget about the standard Portuguese courses (and other great resources) for a second and take a look at the fun side of European Portuguese. In this article, we’ll dive into the expressions that … Read more

10+ Great Podcasts For Learning Portuguese

Podcasts are a handy language learning tool to have your arsenal, particularly if you have some regular free time where you can listen to them such as during a commute to work. They can work well when used in addition to a Portuguese course, providing you with new vocabulary and repetition of things you may … Read more

15+ European Portuguese Courses (With Reviews)

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It may feel like there aren’t many courses for learning European Portuguese, especially when you compare it to the number of Brazilian Portuguese resources, but there are actually more than 15 different courses and textbooks available. And that’s before we get onto podcasts, apps, and other helpful resources. That’s right! You don’t have to come … Read more