Rescuing a Dog in the Algarve

A small white and black dog with its mouth open, tongue out, and eyes squinting sits happily on a rocky path. Behind the dog is a lush green hedge. There is a shadow near the dog's paws, likely from the person taking the photo.

I don’t have pets of my own. If I could I would, because I’m absolutely mad on animals. The problem is I’ve chosen a nomadic lifestyle for myself, and travelling with a big slobbery mutt might be a little bit hard. Sometimes not having a pet can be a bit distressing: especially when you meet … Read more

4 Courses About Moving to Portugal That Cover All The Essentials

An older couple sits at a table, smiling and looking at a laptop screen. Both wear glasses; the woman is in a white polka-dot blouse, and the man is in a grey checked shirt. They seem to be working together, with papers and a notebook on the table.

Senior family couple studying online together, retired man and woman looking at laptop and discussing something while sitting at desk at home, enjoying distant education on retirement

When you’re moving to Portugal, getting good quality, accurate information is not only important – it’s essential. You can find a lot of the information you need on blogs, in the many different expat Facebook groups, and on YouTube, but it can be hard to know how accurate the information is. A lot of the … Read more

7 Great Places for Families Moving to Portugal

Portugal is a fantastic place for families. In fact, a recent study ranked Funchal in Madeira and Lisbon, the capital city, first and third as the top places to raise a family in the whole of Europe. Porto also made the list at 22. The study, which focused on factors like education, health and safety, … Read more

Mobile Internet in Portugal: How to Get Wifi On The Go

If you’ve moved to Portugal as a digital nomad, or you’re visiting as a remote worker, having the internet on your phone is essential. You’ll need it for maps when you get lost, translation apps when you don’t understand something, and for communications apps like WhatsApp for keeping in touch with friends and family from … Read more

Interview: From Berlin to Porto – David McNeill of Expat Empire

David McNeill is the owner of Expat Empire, a website that helps you in the process of moving abroad and which he runs from Porto. But although he’s based in Portugal now, this wasn’t where he initially thought he’d end up.  James: Tell me a little bit about yourself and how you ended up in … Read more

Are Cockroaches Common in Portugal?

In short, not really. You will see cockroaches every now and then, usually on the street and sometimes inside an apartment, but it is quite rare. Live in Portugal for long enough and you should only see a cockroach one or twice a year. However, it does depend on where you’re living, including the property … Read more

Moving to Portugal From Dubai

A person with a suitcase stands on a bridge, symbolically separating two different cities. One side is an old European city with classic architecture and a red bridge in the background, while the other showcases a futuristic cityscape with skyscrapers by the beach.

Are you considering a move from the dynamic city of Dubai to the serene landscapes of Portugal? Portugal, known for its rich history, stunning coastlines, and warm hospitality, offers a contrasting yet equally enriching experience compared to the bustling life in Dubai. It is particularly popular with digital nomads and retirees, and especially those that … Read more

Is Portugal safe?

According to the 2017 Global Peace Index, Portugal is the world’s 3rd safest country. Only Iceland and New Zealand are considered safer, and neither has the weather, beaches, or low cost of living that Portugal has. To put it in a bit more perspective, the United Kingdom sits at position 41 and the United States at … Read more

7 Places For Alternative Living in Portugal

With its warm weather, laid-back lifestyle, and great selection of fresh, locally-produced fruit and vegetables, Portugal is a popular destination for those seeking a greener, more conscious, eco-friendly lifestyle. You’ll find like-minded people all throughout the country, but there are a few spots that particularly stand out. If moving to an area where there’s already a large … Read more