Moving to Portugal from Germany

german and Portuguese flags side by side.

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For many Germans, the idea of relocating to Portugal is not just a dream but a real opportunity. Portugal, with its sun-soaked beaches and idyllic, cobblestone streets, offers a stark contrast to Germany’s cooler climate, particularly during the winter months. And because Portugal is in the EU, making the move is relatively straightforward for German … Read more

How Dangerous Are Portugal’s Processionary Caterpillars?

Processionary caterpillars in a line on the ground

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If you’re moving to Portugal, one insect you’ll hear a lot about is the processionary caterpillar or pine processionary caterpillar. But what are these creatures and why are people so concerned about them? After all, they’re just a caterpillar, right? How dangerous are these to humans? The hairs of these caterpillars contain an irritating toxin … Read more

Moving to Portugal from Turkey

portugal and istanbul

Moving to Portugal from Turkey can be an exciting and life-changing decision. Portugal, known for its beautiful landscapes, warm climate, and golden, sandy people, offers many opportunities for those looking to start a new chapter in their lives. For Turkish citizens considering this move, obtaining residency in Portugal can bring several benefits. One of the … Read more

Moving to Portugal from The Netherlands

dutch and Portuguese flag, side by side

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For the past few decades, Portugal has been an incredibly popular destination for those looking to escape the dark and colder climes of The Netherlands in favour of somewhere warmer. As well as its climate and beautiful beaches, Portugal also offers a more laid-back lifestyle and lower cost of living. If you have a Dutch, … Read more

Moving to Portugal from Singapore

singaporean and Portugese flags next to each other against a blue and cloudy sky

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More and more people are moving from Singapore to Portugal. While Singapore offers fantastic job opportunities, conveniences, and a good quality of life, Portugal offers a more laid-back lifestyle that is less work-orientated and more family-focused. Like Singapore, Portugal is relatively safe. It has a lower cost of living, beautiful beaches, and year-round warm weather. … Read more

Moving to Portugal From Dubai

Person moving to Portugal from Dubai

Are you considering a move from the dynamic city of Dubai to the serene landscapes of Portugal? Portugal, known for its rich history, stunning coastlines, and warm hospitality, offers a contrasting yet equally enriching experience compared to the bustling life in Dubai. It is particularly popular with digital nomads and retirees, and especially those that … Read more

Moving to Portugal From China

Woman from Macau showing off the pastel de nata, also common in Macau

Over the past few years, more and more Chinese nationals have made the move from China to Portugal. Portugal and China have a long shared history, with Macau once part of Portugal. These days, a number of people in Macau speak Portuguese or have connections here.   One significant reason for the move to Portugal is … Read more

How to Make Portuguese Friends

group of friends playing in the sea at sunset

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The Portuguese are renowned for their warm, welcoming demeanour, yet as many expatriates discover, transitioning from friendliness to genuine friendships can sometimes be a surprisingly difficult journey. Expats and foreigners often find themselves orbiting within their own clusters, while the local Portuguese, particularly those who have deep roots in a specific area, tend to have … Read more