Portugal VS Greece: Where Should Expats Choose to Live?

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Living in Portugal and Greece offers a chance to immerse oneself in two distinct yet equally enchanting Southern European lifestyles. These two countries share certain commonalities, such as a delightful climate, beautiful beaches, a laid-back culture, and a strong emphasis on family bonds. However, they also possess unique attributes that make them stand out. Greece, … Read more

Portugal VS Mexico: Which is Better for Expats?

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It might seem unusual to compare life in Mexico and Portugal, but it’s a common comparison for many Americans considering moving abroad, particularly for retirement. In the past, Mexico and other Latin American countries like Panama, Costa Rica, and Ecuador were where most Americans set their sights. Recently, however, more and more Americans have been … Read more

Portugal VS Italy: Where Should Expats Choose to Live?

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If you’re thinking about moving to a European country but you’re not sure which one, you may have short-listed Portugal and Italy. Both are beautiful countries with fascinating histories, excellent food, and a million other reasons to move there. But while that may make both countries great to visit, which is the better country to … Read more

How do Portugal and Spain’s Digital Nomad Visas Compare?

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Ever since the pandemic, countries are rushing to attract digital nomads and remote workers. Both Portugal and Spain are two countries to introduce digital nomad visas, both of which allow foreigners to move to those countries for a period of time. The question is: which is better? Income Requirements For Portugal’s digital nomad visa, you … Read more

Living in Portugal VS the UK: What’s Different & What’s the Same?

Every year, thousands of people move from the UK to Portugal, especially to the coastal Algarve region in the south. It’s easy to see why: Portugal has great weather, an interesting culture and history, English is widely spoken, and there’s already a large British expat community. Oh, and let’s not forget the affordable wine as … Read more

Portugal VS Spain: Where Should Expats Choose to Live?

Portugal VS Spain

A lot of people think about moving to Spain or Portugal. Both have a similar climate, they have shared histories, and are located right next to each other, so it’s understandable why so many people lump the two together.  Regardless of which country you choose to live in, you’ll be right next to the other … Read more