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Taxes for Digital Nomads in Portugal: Is NHR the best Option?

Portugal has long been a popular destination for digital nomads and with the introduction of Portugal’s digital nomad visa, it’s expected that the country’s popularity will continue to grow. Good weather, a large digital nomad community, and the ability to apply for Portuguese citizenship after just 5 years are some of the reasons why nomads are flocking to this corner of Europe. But another reason is Portugal’s non-habitual residency (NHR) tax regime.  The NHR regime

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What Happens to My UK Pension When I Move to Portugal?

With its beautiful beaches, warm weather, and fantastic food, Portugal has long been a popular destination for British retirees. UK pensions have the power to go further in Portugal than in the UK, thanks to Portugal’s lower cost of living. But, if you’re relying on a pension to fund your retirement, it’s important to understand just how far you will go and what you can do to take advantage of the different tax rules in

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Using Your Pension to Reduce Portuguese Capital Gains Tax

Selling a property in Portugal can be hard, but perhaps the hardest part is the realisation that you may have to pay capital gains tax. This is especially likely if you come from a country where you don’t normally have to pay capital gains tax when selling your primary residence.  For residents of Portugal, capital gains tax rates vary from 14.5% to 48%, depending on the individual’s income. Residents pay tax on 50% of the

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Do I Need a Fiscal Representative in Portugal?

Let’s say that you own a property in Portugal. One day Finanças (the tax office) wants to send you a letter, perhaps about some taxes that you owe. A fiscal representative is a person or company that acts as a liaison between a non-resident individual or company and Serviço de Finanças. The types of people that might need a fiscal representative include: As of June 2022, Finanças has changed its rules slightly and for the

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How to Get A Portuguese NIF Number Online Or In Person

If you’re planning on moving to Portugal, you’ve probably already come across the word NIF. Portugal’s tax number (known as the NIF) is a 9-digit tax number that’s you give when you make payments in Portugal or register for something with a financial element. You’ll normally need it to do things like: You’ll also be asked for it in shops or at the supermarket (usually the cashier will say “Contribuinte?” rather than the word NIF).

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Understanding Taxes in Portugal

Being resident in Portugal normally means being tax resident here as well, especially if you spend more than 183 days per year here. Residency and tax residency are both complicated issues, and there are exceptions, both most people living in Portugal will be tax resident here. Most visas like the D7 or D2 require you to be in Portugal for the majority of the year anyway, making you tax resident here as well.  Many expats

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How to Get a Mortgage in Portugal as a Foreigner

You’ve found that perfect property in Portugal. It could be an apartment in Lisbon, a villa in the Algarve, a ruin on the Silver Coast, or a cottage on a remote island of the Azores. Either way, it’s perfect. Now you just need to get a mortgage (called a hipoteca or crédito habitação in Portuguese).  Even if you live abroad, you’ll probably need to get this through a Portuguese bank. That may seem daunting, but

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How to Open a Portuguese Bank Account (Including Online Options)

If you’re planning on living in Portugal, you will most likely need a current account with a Portuguese bank for day-to-day living. While it is possible to pay some bills from a foreign bank account using IBAN, in Portugal bills are normally paid using the native Multibanco system and this is only available with a bank account from a Portuguese bank. So, if you have utility bills or a mobile phone contract, you’ll most likely

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NHR Portugal – A Guide to Portugal’s Non-Habitual Tax Regime

(A number of people have very specific questions about NHR and taxes, which cannot be answered in the comments. We recommend booking a Zoom call with an accountant) Established in 2009[1], NHR, Portugal’s non-habitual residency tax regime, is something that has gained a lot of international excitement and attention. But as anyone who has tried delving into the scheme will know, it can quickly become a confusing topic.  It doesn’t help that NHR status is

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Are Cryptocurrencies (like Bitcoin) Tax Free in Portugal?

If you’ve made money on Bitcoin, or you think you could make money trading or speculating on cryptocurrencies, you may be wondering where the best place is to live tax-wise. And, you may have heard that Portugal is a very good option.  The Portuguese tax authorities do not charge capital gains or VAT on personal gains made on currencies, including cryptocurrencies. That means if you buy $1 worth of Bitcoin and you sell when that