Positively Pregnant in Portugal: An Interview with Shona Becker

shona becker and children

Shortly after Shona moved to Portugal, she found out that she was pregnant. While obviously excited, she was also unsure how to navigate being pregnant in a country where she didn’t really know the language or culture. Her experience later inspired her to create Positively Pregnant in Portugal, a resource for expectant mothers also living … Read more

Understanding Organ Donation Law in Portugal

Organ donation

Portugal operates on an opt-out system for organ donation, which was implemented in 1993. This means that all citizens are presumed to be organ donors unless they explicitly express their wish not to donate. There is no age limit for organ donation. You do not need to opt-in. This system has contributed to a higher … Read more

Serenity Portugal: A Concierge Service for the Portuguese Healthcare System

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Making sure your healthcare needs are met is an important consideration when you’re thinking about moving to Portugal. For most people this means:  Obtaining an SNS number so they can use the public healthcare system Obtaining private health insurance to cut down the costs of using private hospitals (optional) There’s now a third complementary option … Read more

Understanding Health Insurance in Portugal

Although Portugal has a good public healthcare system, many people, both Portuguese and expats, choose to take out private health insurance as well. It may also be a requirement for your residency visa, for example if you’re moving to Portugal on the D7 visa. Health insurance isn’t expensive in Portugal. According to ContasPoupanca.pt, the cost … Read more

How To Register for Portuguese Healthcare & Get a Número de Utente

registering at hospital

You’ve probably heard of the NIF, the tax number without which it’s impossible to do very much in Portugal. Well, another important number that you will need is the número de utente or SNS number.  The SNS number allows you to access the Portuguese public healthcare system. That doesn’t just mean emergency care at A&E … Read more

Where To Buy Emergency Contraception in Portugal

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Accidents happen, and often those accidents happen will you’re abroad. Don’t worry, though: getting emergency contraception in Portugal is very straightforward. Emergency Contraception (the morning after pill) Emergency contraception (often called “the morning after pill”) is available at Pharmacies Family planning centres (free) Emergency rooms For most people, particularly those visiting Portugal, going to the … Read more

A Guide to Sexual Health Services in Portugal

woman at the doctor's, getting an STD test

When it comes to sexual health, being proactive is key. It’s important to keep an eye on your sexual wellbeing, and that involves regular screening and checkups. Catching any potential issues early can save you a lot of trouble down the road. In many countries, getting an STD test involves going to a special sexual … Read more