Do You Need to Learn Portuguese to Live in Portugal?

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Moving to a new country can be an exciting yet daunting experience, especially when there’s a language barrier. If you’re considering relocating to Portugal, you might be wondering if learning Portuguese is a necessity. In this article, we’ll explore the residency visa requirements and the day-to-day situations where knowing the language can make a difference. … Read more

DailyNata Review: A Context-Driven Approach to Learning European Portuguese

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DailyNata is an online platform designed to help learners master European Portuguese. With its unique approach to language learning, engaging content, and supportive community, DailyNata is quickly becoming an incredibly popular resource for learning European Portuguese (especially thanks to this discount for Portugalist readers). The platform bases its lessons on breaking down the language used … Read more

European Portuguese Levels EXPLAINED – A2 vs. Fluency

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A2 is that magical level you need to reach in Portuguese to get your citizenship in Portugal. But there is a lot of confusion about what an A2 level actually is and how you get there. How much do you need to know? Is it close to fluency? What is expected at this level? So … Read more

BETTER Alternatives for Basic Portuguese Phrases

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Are you still using super basic sentences you learnt in a phrase book, but want to sound more like a local? If you are sick of using the same old tired phrases when you are practising your conversation skills in Portuguese, this blog article is going to give you an upgrade. A boring old “bom … Read more

31 Weird & Funny Portuguese Phrases

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One of the most challenging (but also most fun) parts of learning a new language is learning the unique cultural expressions, idioms, and colloquialisms that are used in the language. Learning European Portuguese is no different: you’ll find lots and lots of unusual turns of phrase here. If you want to learn more, Practice Portuguese … Read more

How to Book A CAPLE Language Exam

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At some point in your journey of learning European Portuguese, you’ll want to sit down and book the Portuguese exam. Most people sit the A2 (usually referred to as CIPLE on Portuguese websites) which is the minimum level required to apply for Portuguese citizenship, but there are others that sit the other levels, often for … Read more

Where to Get Practice Papers for the Portuguese Exams

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If you’re learning Portuguese and planning to take a Portuguese exam, such as the A2, you’re probably wondering if there are any past papers you could look at. Past or practice papers are helpful, not just for practicing your Portuguese, but for getting an idea of what the exam will be like.  Unfortunately, getting a … Read more