Fastest Internet in Portugal: MEO, Vodafone, NOS, or NOWO?

Home internet is a big priority for many people moving to Portugal, particularly those that will be working from home, are into gaming, or are just concerned about getting the same speeds that they’re used to. Nobody likes to see their Netflix buffer or to have their WhatsApp and Skype calls drop just as someone … Read more

Can I Upgrade My Home Internet in Portugal?

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If you have home internet in Portugal and are unhappy with the speeds, you may be wondering if you can upgrade it. The answer is yes, although with some stipulations.  Let’s say you have 200 mbps, which is typically the slowest speed available from most ISPs in Portugal, and it’s not working out for you. … Read more

How Does NOWO Internet Compare to Other Portuguese ISPs? 

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If you’re trying to decide on the best home internet, you may have come across a company called NOWO. It’s one of four ISPs in Portugal, with the others being MEO, NOS, and Vodafone.  However, here’s the thing: NOWO is typically the cheapest option out of the three. So should you go with NOWOW? NOWO … Read more

What To Do If You Can’t Get Fibre Internet At Your New Home In Portugal

Although Portugal has great high-speed internet coverage, there are still a few pockets of rural Portugal where fibe internet isn’t available. Often it’s exactly that – a pocket or small area that isn’t covered. It’s not unusual for fibre internet to be available in an area, especially a town or village, but not to be … Read more

What’s the Internet in Lisbon like?

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If you’re considering a move to Lisbon and wondering about the quality of home internet there, especially in terms of working from home, video calls, or streaming services like Netflix or YouTube, you’ll be pleased to know that Lisbon has fantastic internet. Despite Portugal’s reputation for a more laid-back pace in some aspects of life, … Read more

Does Portugal have 5G internet?

For those contemplating a move to Portugal, the country’s mobile network infrastructure offers a compelling incentive. Portugal boasts a robust mobile network landscape, ensuring that residents are well-connected, whether they’re in the bustling cities or the picturesque island communities of Madeira and the Azores. 5G is readily available in the more populated parts of the … Read more

How Long Does it Take for Internet to be Installed in Portugal?

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The process of getting home internet installed can vary significantly based on your location and specific circumstances, as outlined by utilities expert Fernando Mendes. In urban areas, you might expect installation within 2-3 days, and in some cases, such as in Lisbon, it might be possible to have it installed on the same day. For … Read more

A Guide to TV in Portugal

For those considering a move to Portugal, the country’s television offerings promise a blend of local and international content. Most TV packages, especially when bundled with fibre internet, boast around 150 channels, ensuring a diverse viewing experience. If you opt for a 4G home internet package, you can still expect a respectable lineup of approximately … Read more

Power Outages? How to Improve the Electricity in your Portuguese Home

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If you’re new to Portugal, and perhaps staying in an older property, one thing you may have noticed is that, in some properties, the power has a tendency to cut out at times. This usually only happens when you use more than one high-powered device at once, such as a microwave, hairdryer, or electric heater. … Read more