How Long Does it Take for Internet to be Installed in Portugal?

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The process of getting home internet installed can vary significantly based on your location and specific circumstances, as outlined by utilities expert Fernando Mendes. In urban areas, you might expect installation within 2-3 days, and in some cases, such as in Lisbon, it might be possible to have it installed on the same day. For … Read more

A Guide to TV in Portugal

For those considering a move to Portugal, the country’s television offerings promise a blend of local and international content. Most TV packages, especially when bundled with fibre internet, boast around 150 channels, ensuring a diverse viewing experience. If you opt for a 4G home internet package, you can still expect a respectable lineup of approximately … Read more

Power Outages? How to Improve the Electricity in your Portuguese Home

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If you’re new to Portugal, and perhaps staying in an older property, one thing you may have noticed is that, in some properties, the power has a tendency to cut out at times. This usually only happens when you use more than one high-powered device at once, such as a microwave, hairdryer, or electric heater. … Read more

What The Internet In The Azores Like?

If you’re thinking of moving to the Azores, you may wonder what the speed of the internet is like in the Azores. After all, many of these islands are quite remote with just a few thousand people. The island of Corvo, one of the least populated islands in the world, has just 400 people. Of … Read more

Will My Phone Work in Portugal? Should I Buy a New One Before Moving?

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If you’re planning a move to Portugal one thing you might be wondering is, “Will my mobile phone (or cell phone) work over there?” Your phone is such an important part of daily life nowadays. Whether it’s keeping in touch with family and friends, getting directions with maps, or quickly looking something up – your … Read more

What Happens to My Portuguese Internet Contract if I Move House?

Let’s suppose you take out a two-year internet contract but decide to move after just one-year. What will happen and will there be penalties? This is a very common question from people moving to Portugal, particularly those that aren’t 100% sure where they’re likely to settle down yet. Because most landlords don’t pre-install internet, or … Read more

What’s The Best Home Internet & Phone Provider in Portugal?

If you’re thinking about moving to Portugal, one of the things on your to-do list will be to arrange broadband or fibre internet for your phone and some kind of phone plan, prepaid or contract, that provides you with internet data on the move.  In Portugal, there are three main internet service providers: MEO (pronounced … Read more