What is a Fiador and How Do I Get one?

Renting a house or apartment in Portugal can be complicated for non-Portuguese as most landlords not only request a deposit and at least one month’s rent in advance but a fiador as well. (This normally isn’t required when you rent a room.) A fiador is a guarantor, or someone who’ll pay the bills if you’re unable to pay them. It can’t just be anyone, however. First of all, the fiador has to be a Portuguese

Renting an Apartment or House in Portugal

Most people who move to Portugal end up renting for a period of time, even if their ultimate aim is to buy a place here. Others end up renting for their entire time here. It’s always tricky to find a good rental, both in Portugal and in other countries, but, along with all of the things you probably already look out for when renting a property, there are a few extra things to look out for

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Using A Buyer’s Agent To Buy a Property in Portugal

Buying agents (sometimes called buyer’s agents or a buyer’s advocate) aren’t traditionally that common in Portugal, but it’s a service that’s growing in popularity. And here’s why: buying property in Portugal can be complicated (in fact, it can be a complete minefield) so many people, understandably, want someone to hold their hand through the entire process. Here are some examples of problems that crop up in Portugal, but you might not know to look out

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How to Find a Winter Rental in the Algarve

Winter is a fantastic time to visit the Algarve. Temperatures are cooler but still reach 16-20° C during the day, there are very few tourists, and property rental prices are considerably cheaper. Despite the thousands of empty apartments and villas across the Algarve, finding a rental for the winter period isn’t as easy as it should be. It is getting easier, though, and there are now several companies that you can rent a property on

Renting Long Term with Airbnb

Although most people use Airbnb to rent an apartment or spare room for a couple of days, it’s also possible to to rent apartments on a monthly basis through Airbnb. The rent is usually more expensive than if you were to rent privately (i.e. through Craigslist or its regional equivalent). However, if you need an apartment that already has internet and you don’t want to have to worry about paying electricity or water bills (and setting up