11 Places to Find Mid-Term Rentals in Portugal

While short-term accommodations and long-term rentals are widely available, there has been a growing demand for a more flexible housing option that caters to those seeking a stay longer than a few weeks but less than the commitment of a year-long lease. This is especially true in places like Lisbon, which attracts lots of digital … Read more

A Guide to Renting A Room in Portugal

As with anywhere, renting a room can be very hit or miss. Finding a nice room in a good location is hard enough, but it’s hard to also find a decent landlord, and clean, considerate flatmates. If you’ve found all of these things, you’ve officially won the rental lottery – in Portugal or anywhere else … Read more

What is a Fiador and How Do I Get one?

Renting a house or apartment in Portugal can be complicated for non-Portuguese as most landlords not only request a deposit and at least one month’s rent in advance but a fiador as well. (This normally isn’t required when you rent a room, but an entire property.) A fiador is a guarantor, or someone who’ll pay … Read more

Renting an Apartment or House in Portugal

A view looking up at four adjacent old buildings with colorful, intricate facades. The left building is red, the center-left is yellow, the center-right is white, and the right building is beige. Each building has balconies and multiple windows, with a blue sky above.

Most people who move to Portugal end up renting for a period of time, even if their ultimate aim is to buy a place here. Others end up renting for their entire time here. It’s always tricky to find a good rental, both in Portugal and in other countries, but, along with all of the things … Read more

Uniplaces: Student Accommodation in Portugal & Beyond (Resource)

Uniplaces is an accommodation website that’s makes it easy to find student accommodation in cities around the world. It’s primarily aimed at students, but you don’t have to be a student to use it: anyone can book a bed, room, or entire apartment through Uniplaces.com. (Uniplaces are giving Portugalist readers a chance to save money … Read more

How to Find a Winter Rental in the Algarve

Winter is a fantastic time to visit the Algarve. Temperatures are cooler but still reach 16-20° C during the day, there are very few tourists, and property rental prices are considerably cheaper. Despite the thousands of empty apartments and villas across the Algarve, finding a rental for the winter period isn’t as easy as it … Read more