What is AIMA, the New Agency Replacing SEF?

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The establishment of the Agency for Integration, Migration, and Asylum (AIMA) marks a new chapter in Portugal’s immigration policy. Replacing the former Portuguese Borders and Immigration Service (SEF), AIMA aims to streamline and humanise the process of managing immigration and asylum services. For those moving to Portugal, primarily from outside of the EU/EEA/Switzerland (i.e. those … Read more

Want to Move to Portugal? Here’s 10 Ways You Could Obtain Residency

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Over the past few years, you’ve probably heard a lot about Portugal. Thousands upon thousands of people are moving here to take advantage of the great weather, the lower cost of living, access to public healthcare, and all of the other benefits that come with living in an EU country. With that in mind, here … Read more

Investing in Funds for Portugal’s Golden Visa

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Portugal’s has one of the most popular golden visa programs in the world, and one of the ways that you can obtain this visa and obtain residency in Portugal is by investing in a qualifying fund (or funds), such as a private equity or venture capital fund. There are a number of qualifying funds, in … Read more

Anchorless Reviews – NIFs, Bank Accounts, & More

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Anchorless.io is one of several companies that help prospective expats with some of the administrative side of moving to Portugal, namely obtaining a NIF number, and Portuguese bank account. Other similar companies include Bordr, Novomove, E-Residence, and Visas.pt. Many of these companies offer similar services, however, one area in which Anchorless excels is through the … Read more

Novomove Reviews: NIFs, Bank Accounts, & More

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Novomove is one of several web-based companies that help prospective expats secure essential documents like a NIF number or open a Portuguese bank account. For non-EU residents, in particular, having these things is often necessary for a successful visa application (e.g. D7 application). Portugalist readers are able to get a €10 discount on any service … Read more

Can You Apply for the D7 Visa Without Passive Income?

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Portugal’s D7 visa is one of the most attainable ways that non-EU citizens can obtain residency in an EU country. Applicants only need to have as much as the Portuguese minimum wage which, as of 2024, is €820 per month. But one of the challenging aspects of the visa is that the income needs to … Read more

Is the HQA Visa An Alternative to Portugal’s Golden Visa?

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With the real estate option ending in Portugal’s golden visa, more and more people are looking at other residency visas such as the D7, digital nomad visa, and now, the HQA or highly qualified activity visa. Despite launching in 2019, the HQA visa has long been ignored, but more and more people are starting to … Read more

The D7 vs The Digital Nomad Visa (D8)

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There are lots of different routes to residency for people from outside of the EU, and two of the most popular residency visas are the D7 and the Digital Nomad Visa or D8.  If you’re searching for ways to move to Portugal, you’ll see these two residency visas mentioned a lot, and a lot of … Read more