Can I Work on the D7 Visa?

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The D7 visa, often referred to as the “passive income visa,” is a popular option for those looking to relocate to Portugal. The visa requires applicants to show a regular, passive income that’s at least equivalent to the Portuguese minimum wage (€820 per month as of 2024). However, a big question many people have is … Read more

What is the Best Visa for Freelancers Moving to Portugal?

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Portugal has become a hotspot for freelancers from around the globe, thanks to its mild climate, vibrant culture, and, most importantly, attainable residency visas for non-EU/EEA/Swiss citizens. (EU/EEA/Swiss citizens have others ways for obtaining residency). If you’re a freelancer with a nationality from outside the EU/EEA/Switzerland, figuring out the best visa option can be a … Read more

Can You Apply for the D7 Visa Without Passive Income?

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Portugal’s D7 visa is one of the most attainable ways that non-EU citizens can obtain residency in an EU country. Applicants only need to have as much as the Portuguese minimum wage which, as of 2024, is €820 per month. But one of the challenging aspects of the visa is that the income needs to … Read more

The D7 vs The Digital Nomad Visa (D8)

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There are lots of different routes to residency for people from outside of the EU, and two of the most popular residency visas are the D7 and the Digital Nomad Visa or D8.  If you’re searching for ways to move to Portugal, you’ll see these two residency visas mentioned a lot, and a lot of … Read more

What Are My Accommodation Options for the D7 Visa?

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Are you dreaming of moving to Portugal but struggling to find suitable accommodation? Don’t worry: you’re not alone! For many residency visas, like the D7 (often called the passive income visa) and D8 (often called the digital nomad visa), you’ll need a place to call home in Portugal before you even apply for that all-important … Read more

Can You Apply for the D7 With Just Savings?

A common question that gets asked with regards to the D7 visa is: can I apply with just savings?  According to Sandra Gomes Pinto, “Normally the consulates demand that people show regular passive income and not just savings or a lump sum. However, we do know of cases where savings or a lump sum were … Read more

What Insurance Do I Need for the D7 Visa?

One of the requirements of the D7 visa – and most other residency visas –  is that you purchase travel insurance. This is to cover you for the period between arriving in Portugal and attending your interview with AIMA (previously SEF) at which point you’ll be given your temporary residence permit and will become a … Read more

Comparing Portugal’s D7 Visa and The Golden Visa

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You might have heard of the golden visa and the D7. But what’s the difference between them? Are they the same as the retirement visa, the entrepreneur visa, and the passive income visa? And most importantly, which one is right for you? These visas are aimed at those from outside the EU/EEA/Switzerland, for example the … Read more