Exploring the Short Stay Option on Portugal’s D8 Visa

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Are you a freelancer or remote worker interested in spending more time in Portugal? Want to spend longer than the 90/180 days in Schengen Visa allows but limited by your non-EU/EEA/Swiss passport. Then you’re in luck! In 2022, Portugal introduced the D8 visa, which is aimed at remote workers and freelancers. There are two parts … Read more

What is the Best Visa for Freelancers Moving to Portugal?

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Portugal has become a hotspot for freelancers from around the globe, thanks to its mild climate, vibrant culture, and, most importantly, attainable residency visas for non-EU/EEA/Swiss citizens. (EU/EEA/Swiss citizens have others ways for obtaining residency). If you’re a freelancer with a nationality from outside the EU/EEA/Switzerland, figuring out the best visa option can be a … Read more

The D7 vs The Digital Nomad Visa (D8)

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There are lots of different routes to residency for people from outside of the EU, and two of the most popular residency visas are the D7 and the Digital Nomad Visa or D8.  If you’re searching for ways to move to Portugal, you’ll see these two residency visas mentioned a lot, and a lot of … Read more

How do Portugal and Spain’s Digital Nomad Visas Compare?

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Ever since the pandemic, countries are rushing to attract digital nomads and remote workers. Both Portugal and Spain are two countries to introduce digital nomad visas, both of which allow foreigners to move to those countries for a period of time. The question is: which is better? Income Requirements For Portugal’s digital nomad visa, you … Read more

Portugal’s Digital Nomad Visa: Updated for 2024

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Are you a freelancer, digital nomad, or remote worker in search of your next adventure? How about a new life in Portugal, with the opportunity to apply for Portuguese citizenship after less than five years? If you earn more than €3,280 per month on average, either through a remote job or freelancing, you may be … Read more

How to Move to Portugal as a Remote Worker

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As remote work becomes more and more of a possibility of people, more and more people are looking at Portugal as a remote working destination. And, why wouldn’t you? Portugal, particularly areas like Lisbon and the Algarve, has great year-round weather with 300+ days of sunshine, a lower cost of living, and is easy to … Read more