Where to Store Your Luggage in Aveiro

View of Aveiro Canal

Although Aveiro is incredibly flat by Portuguese standards, you don’t want to lug your luggage around if you can avoid it. You want to drop your bags and go eat some ovos moles or take a ride on a moliceiro (a Portuguese gondola). So if you’re arriving into Aveiro before you can check-in, or you’re … Read more

8 Great Reasons to Live on Portugal’s Silver Coast

nazare beach

The Silver Coast is rapidly growing in popularity. And it has a lot to offer, including proximity to major airports like Lisbon and Porto Airport, an authenticity you won’t find in the more touristy parts of Portugal, affordability, and, of course, that sparkling silver coastline it is so famous for.  The following are just 8 … Read more

8 Places to Live on Portugal’s Silver Coast

Praia da norte beach near Nazaré

The Silver Coast, the unofficial name for the stretch of coastal Portugal between Lisbon and Porto, is rapidly growing in popularity with prospective expats, particularly those from the US and UK. The coastline stretches for around 150 km (93 miles) which means there are lots and lots of beaches to choose from. It also gets … Read more

Where to Store Your Luggage in Coimbra

tourist couple with a map and lots of suitcases. Maybe they're looking for somewhere to store their luggage?

If you’re visiting Coimbra, the last thing that you want to do is lug your suitcases and backpacks around the hilly, cobbled city. No, you want to be free to explore attractions like the University of Coimbra, the Igreja de Santa Cruz, and Coimbra’s old cathedral.  If you’re arriving too early to check into an … Read more

Coimbra Food: The Best Typical Foods To Try in Coimbra

If you’re visiting Coimbra, or lucky enough to live there, the big question you’ll be asking yourself is: what should I eat? You’ll find all the most common Portuguese dishes in Portugal, for example, caldo verde soup, bacalhau dishes like bacalhau com natas and bacalhau à bras, and grilled fish. But those are dishes that … Read more

Taking a Day Trip to Berlengas

The Berlengas archipelago is a small group of islands located roughly 10-15 km off the Portuguese coast, although many people use the word to refer to the main island: Berlenga Grande. The archipelago is a protected reserve, home to all kinds of creatures and foliage but especially seagulls and lizards, and tourists are only able … Read more

Phallic Pottery: Caldas Da Rainha’s Unusual Dying Industry

Caldas da Rainha is famous for its pottery, particularly ceramic cabbage bowls that can be found in homes all over Portugal and even around the world. But there’s another type of pottery that Caldas has become famous for: louça fálica. Walk into many (not all) of the pottery shops in Caldas da Rainha and, in … Read more