Ericeira Curvy Beach

Ericeira Living Guide…What’s it Like to Live here?

Situated around 50 km outside of Lisbon City Centre, the seaside town of Ericeira is a popular destination for young expats who want all the benefits of the coast with the proximity to Portugal’s capital city. Although Ericeira attracts people from all walks of life, it is particularly popular with surfers, digital nomads, remote workers, and other professionals in their 20s, 30s, and 40s.  Like many seaside towns in Portugal, Ericeira was once primarily a

O Careca: Lisbon’s Best Croissant?

20 minutes’ walk from the world-famous Pastéis de Belém there’s another café that attracts queues of people. But, this one isn’t famous for pastéis de nata: it’s famous for croissants. Not the French kind, but the Portuguese kind. And, those queues are queues of tourists but local Lisboetas. Located in Restelo, a neighbourhood just north of Belém, O Careca is a popular haunt for residents of the suburban neighbourhood and all over the rest of

Ajuda (Neighbourhood Guide)

This article refers to Ajuda, a neighbourhood in Lisbon. For more places in Lisbon, check out the guide to neighbourhoods in Lisbon. Situated between trendy Alcântara and touristy Belém, Ajuda is a traditional, working-class neighbourhood that tends to get overlooked by both tourists and those living in Lisbon. And, it’s not surprising: Ajuda doesn’t have the attractions that Belém or the hipster amenities or hipster amenities that Alcântara has. It also isn’t particualrly amazing when

Alcântara (Neighbourhood Guide)

This article refers to Alcântara, a neighbourhood in Lisbon. For more places in Lisbon, check out the guide to neighbourhoods in Lisbon.  Alcântara is a residental neighbourhood in Lisbon. In recent years, it has become a popular neighbourhood to live in and visit mainly due to the LX Factory, a small collection of former factories that have been turned into hipster coffee shops, independent boutiques, and co-working spaces.  The genterification is spreading into the rest

Lisbon Airport Terminal 2 (Guide)

Lisbon Airport’s Terminal 2 is essentially a giant shed that was originally built to cater for domestic flights, but now focuses on the increasing number of low-cost flights from airlines like Ryanair, Easyjet, and Wizz Air. There are very few shops, cafés, or restaurants, and only a limited number of toilets and other facilities. As it’s not the most exciting place to spend a few hours, you’ll ideally want to spend as little time here

Lisbon Airport (Guide)

Lisbon Airport is Portugal’s biggest airport, and most people visiting Portugal fly into here. It’s situated just outside of Lisbon City Centre, and getting to and from the airport is easy thanks to all the different transportation options – metro, taxis, Ubers, and everything else. The airport consists of two terminals: Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. Terminal 1, the main airport, is where you’ll be flying from if you’re not flying with a budget airline

Living in Lisbon: What It’s Like to Live in Portugal’s Capital City

For a long time, Lisbon was never seen as the place to move to. That was London, Paris, Rome – and all of the other major European capitals. All of that has changed in the past few years, however. Lisbon is now the place that everybody wants to move to. And, it’s no surprise either. With over 300 days of sunshine per year and a cost of living that’s lower than most other Western European capital cities, Lisbon

Sintra (Guide)

Visit Sintra and you will be surrounding by tuk-tuks, tourist trap restaurants, thousands of people taking selfies, and everything else that’s annoying touristy places. But as annoying as all of that can be, it’s not worth missing Sintra over. Sintra is one of the most beautiful places in Portugal, and somewhere that you definitely should visit while you’re here. Budget at least a day for Sintra. If you can spare two days, you’ll get to

10 Boutique Sintra Hotels That Are Ideal For a Romantic Getaway

Like a real-life fairytale, Sintra is set within the forested foothills of the Serra De Sintra mountains with brightly-coloured palaces at its core. It’s a place to come and discover Portugal’s eclectic history, from its UNESCO-protected Moorish architecture to its opulent gardens once graced by Portuguese royals. Alongside its dreamy sights, you can find a quaint atmosphere in its old Medieval town where plant-covered terraced restaurants and charming cafes line its streets. Only 40-50 minutes

18 Lisbon Hotels With Pools That Are Perfect for Cooling Off

Lisbon is a place for exploring, partying and culture seeking, but that doesn’t mean there’s no time for a little relaxation. Alongside the trendy bars, endless coffee shops, and historical landmarks, you can find luxury stays with pools, perfect for cooling off after a long day walking around the city. Visiting in the cooler months? Good news—you’ll find hotels with indoor swimming pools and perks such as hot tubs and saunas. EPIC SANA Lisboa Hotel