The Best Gyms in Lisbon

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Some people reckon you don’t need to join a gym in Lisbon – the city’s seven hills give you exercise enough. Then again it’s all about endurance. If you’re getting bored of trotting up and down the hills of São Jorge, São Vicente,  São Roque, Santo André, Santa Catarina, Chagas and Sant’Ana, this post should … Read more

Is Lisbon the perfect city for your stag party?

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Traditionally Albufeira in the Algarve is Portugal’s main stag do destination, but in recent years more and more stag parties are looking at Lisbon as an alternative. The Portuguese capital has great weather, cheap beer, great nightlife, and plenty of low-cost flights. What more could a stag party need? Lisbon isn’t as big as stag … Read more

Sampling Ginjinha: Lisbon’s Sour Cherry Liqueur

glass of ginjinha
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Ginjinha is a Portuguese liqueur that’s made from combining aguardente and ginja berries, a sour type of cherry that’s known in English as a Morello Cherry. The ginja berries are usually harvested around June, and are combined with water, cinnamon, and sugar and then left to infuse in the aguardente for around 5 months. Francisco Espinheira, a Galician friar at … Read more

10+ Places to Rent Medium & Long Term Accommodation in Lisbon

Lisbon Rooftops
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Every month, people from all over the world come to Lisbon to visit, to stay temporarily, or to put down permanent roots. Regardless of whether you’re just visiting Lisbon for a few days, or thinking about staying here long-term, this guide will help you find the perfect room, apartment, or house for your stay. Tips: … Read more

The Hipster Guide to Lisbon

Village Underground Lisbon

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Lisbon has always been a cool city, but recently it has gone through a rapid phase of hipsterification. Over the past few years, a huge number of cocktail bars, third wave coffee shops, and international restaurants have opened up in Lisbon. Yes, you should still visit the castle, Jerónimos Monastery, and all of the other … Read more

Web Summit, Lisbon: The Essential Guide for Visitors

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Since its inception in 2010, Web Summit has rapidly grown in size and influence, attracting attendees from over 170 countries. Each year, thousands of participants flock to the host city, captivated by the promise of valuable insights, transformative discussions, and game-changing partnerships. With its vibrant and dynamic atmosphere, Web Summit has become a hotbed for … Read more

Anthony Bourdain Visits Lisbon in “No Reservations”

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In 2012, the late Anthony Bourdain visited Lisbon as part of his “No Reservations” TV show. This was a really great episode to watch. Bourdain isn’t the only TV chef to have visited Lisbon. British TV chef Rick Stein has also been here, and we’ve written about that as well. While Rick Stein’s visit to Lisbon … Read more

19 Romantic Lisbon Hotels For A Love-Filled Getaway

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Where better to say “I love you” than in Portugal’s charming capital, Lisbon. Its candle-lit wine bars, fine dining options and soulful sounds of traditional Fado music make a dreamy backdrop to a romantic weekend away. Whether you want to relax together or explore the sights hand in hand, you can find lots of hotels … Read more

Rick Stein’s Takes A Long Weekend in Lisbon

rick stein
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Recently, Rick Stein visited Lisbon as part of his Long Weekend Series for BBC 2. Knowing that this episode would inspire others to visit Lisbon, I’ve put together a list of the places he visited so that you can create your own long weekend in Lisbon. If you’re looking to re-create any of the dishes in Rick Steins … Read more