Vila Viçosa (Guide)

Vila Viçosa is a large and pleasant Alentejo town that’s situated close to the Portuguese-Spanish border and just under an hour’s drive from Évora, the capital of the Alentejo. There are quite a few attractions and things to do in Vila Viçosa including its castle but probably the most interesting attraction is the Ducal Palace of Vila Viçosa as this had a major effect on the town’s influence and history. Back in 1461, the House

Évora (Guide)

Evora is the capital city of the Alentejo, and a popular destination for those visiting Portugal. It’s a city that feels both modern and rural at the same time: it is nowhere near as rural-feeling as many of the other towns in the Alentejo, but it’s also not as trendy as Lisbon or Porto. It is famous primarily for the number of historical attractions the city has to offer, which includes the Roman Temple of

Elvas (Guide)

When your city is located just 12 km from the border with your nearest enemies, you’re going to spend a lot of time thinking about how to protect yourself from an attack. That’s definitely the case with Elvas, an incredibly fortified city that’s just minutes from the Spanish-Portuguese border. In fact, it’s the largest bulwarked fortification in the world. Almost everything about Elvas is built with protection in mind. The city is shaped like a

Castelo de Vide (Guide)

Castelo de Vide is a small town in the Alentejo’s Parque Natural da Serra de São Mamede, close to the border with Spain. While Marvão is a popular stop off on the Alentejo tourist trail, Castelo de Vide is often overlooked. Marvão, with its narrow cobbled streets and sporadic layout is quainter, yes, but Castelo de Vide has plenty to offer including beautiful architecture, stunning views of the surrounding mountainous countryside, and historical attractions including

Borba (Guide)

Mention Borba to anyone in Portugal and the first thing that they’ll say is “wine.” While Borba does have some small historical attractions, such as churches and old castle walls, they’re nowhere near as impressive as those in Elvas, Vila Viçosa, or Estremoz. Although it isn’t as immediately interesting as some of the other towns nearby, Borba does have some interesting buildings and architecture dotted around. You will have to look a lot harder for

worlds smallest international bridge

The World’s Shortest International Bridge Is In Portugal (and Spain)

Novelty attractions like the “world’s largest tree” or the “world’s biggest ball of twine” can be a magnet for tourists. Not so with the “World’s Shortest International Bridge,” a small footbridge that measures just 3.2 meters in length (10.4 feet) and crosses the Portuguese-Spanish border. The EU-funded bridge is situated in the Alentejo region of Portugal and connects the small village of Várzea Grande with the neighbouring Spanish village of El Marco in Extremadura. In

evora roman ruins

14 Of the Best Évora Hotels

Whether you’re a history lover, culture vulture, or just looking for a relaxing break from busy Lisbon, the ancient city of Évora is a wonderful choice. With ancient Roman temples and medieval cathedrals and many more architectural gems, there’s certainly plenty to explore.  All that exploring can be tiring though, and after a day of trekking Évora’s winding lanes, you’ll want to be able to come back to a great hotel, apartment, or Airbnb –

Quinta do Lago lake

9+ Luxurious Quinta do Lago Hotels (& Other Great Places to Stay)

A hunt for hotels in Quinta do Lago can be overwhelming. Not because there are hundreds to choose from (in fact, it’s the opposite) but because the standard is consistently high. To help you enjoy the world-class golf courses, gourmet restaurants, and luxury lifestyle the area offers, here are the top hotels in Quinta do Lago (plus some alternative accommodation options and nearby retreats). Conrad Algarve The wonderfully chic Conrad Algarve hotel offers luxury living

coastal alentejo

The coastal alentejo

Living in the Alentejo: A Guide to Moving Here

The Alentejo has long been overlooked as a region to move to, but rising house prices and overtourism in the Algarve have put it on the map. Like the Algarve, The Alentejo is blessed with warm weather, a laid-back atmosphere, and it also has a beautiful, rugged coastline with some of the nicest beaches and cliff-top walks in Portugal. This is a part of Portugal that’s known for agriculture. Although more people are moving here,