Pico Airport Guide

Pico Airport is the airport for the island of Pico, one of the most popular islands in The Azores. It’s approximately the 9th busiest airport in Portugal and the 4th busiest on The Azores, according to 2017 stats from ANA. Most people tend to fly to and from Horta Airport as it normally has a better selection of flights. As such, Pico Airport, like most of the airports on The Azores, doesn’t have a huge

São Jorge Airport Guide

São Jorge Airport (SJZ) is one of the smallest airports in Portugal, and only handles a small number of passengers every year. Most people visiting São Jorge will travel from Terceira or Pico by ferry as this is much more affordable but, if you’re flying into São Jorge, this guide should explain everything you need to know about São Jorge Airport. Car Rental at São Jorge Airport Most airports have car rental desks inside the

João Paulo II Airport (Ponta Delgada Airport) Guide

João Paulo II Airport (or Ponta Delgada Airport) is the airport for São Miguel and the main airport for The Azores. As well as flights to all of the other islands on The Azores and Madeira, it also offers flights to mainland Portugal (Lisbon and Porto) as well as to international destinations like Belgium, Germany, the UK, the USA, and Canada. Despite being the largest airport on The Azores, this is still quite a small

Lajes Internacional Airport (Terceira Airport) Guide

Terceira Airport (or Lajes Internacional Airport to give it its proper title) is the airport that serves Terceira, one of the main islands in The Azores. It is the second busiest airport in The Azores, after Ponta Delgada Airport on São Miguel, and the 6th busiest overall in Portugal (according to stats from 2017). Although you can fly from Terceira to Lisbon and Porto, other islands in The Azores, and there are even some flights

Horta Airport (Faial Airport) Guide

Horta Airport is the airport for the island of Faial. Horta Airport mainly offers flights to other islands in The Azores, as well as flights to Lisbon. Despite being called Horta Airport, it’s actually a little bit outside of Horta: around 8 km or 10 minutes by car. Because of the distance, it isn’t really possible to walk to the airport from Horta. You’ll need to take a taxi (or, if the timings match, the

Terceira field

The island of Terceira

Terceira (Guide)

Terceira is the second most popular Azores island after São Miguel. It has good flight connections to mainland Portugal and some international destinations like the UK and US, and it’s usually a popular island to visit. There aren’t as many attractions here as there are on São Miguel, but Terceira has its own charm. It’s less touristic, more incredibly laid-back, and it feels quite liveable. There is enough to keep you occupied for a few

São Miguel (Guide)

São Miguel is the largest and most popular island to visit in the Azores, and probably the island with the most things to see and do. From beautiful lakes, to tea plantations, to pineapple farms, to a stew that’s cooked in a volcanic pit, there’s so much to keep you occupied here – you should definitely set aside at least three days if you want to see and do everything. Where to stay For most

São Jorge (Guide)

Known as the “dragon island” and the “island of fajãs,” São Jorge is one of the most intriguing islands on the Azores. It’s incredibly hilly and steep, and many of the people live on fajãs – land that forms at the bottom of a cliff after an avalanche. Some people, those living in the town of Fajã da Caldeira de Santo Cristo, don’t have electricity or even roads into the town, and the island is

Pico Island, Azores – Travel Guide: Wine, Whales, & Pico Mountain

Famous for wine, whales, and its mountain, Pico is becoming an ever-increasingly popular island to visit on The Azores.  It’s also relatively easy to get to. It may not have direct flights from mainland Portugal yet, but the nearby Island of Faial does and you can get connecting flights from many of the other islands. As part of the “Azores Triangle,” it’s also easy to get to by ferry from São Jorge as well as

Faial (Guide)

Faial is one of the most beautiful islands in the Azores, and it offers several interesting things to do. It has a good airport and so it’s possible to get here from mainland Portugal (Lisbon mainly) as well as from many of the other islands on the Azores including Terceira and São Miguel. It also has one of the best ports in the Azores, and it’s a popular destination for sailors on transatlantic crossings to