6 Best Porto Markets You Need to Visit

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Unlike some countries where markets mean expensive farmer’s markets, in Portugal, markets remain genuine fixtures of everyday life. In fact, it’s often cheaper to buy your fruit, vegetables, meat, and fish at your local mercado municipal — and the quality is often better too. If you’re travelling across Portugal, be sure to check out the … Read more

12 Of the Best Places to Live Near Porto

A retro style map of Porto city centre and some of the greater metropolitan of Porto

In recent years, Porto has emerged as a prime tourist destination in Portugal, drawing visitors and expats with its rich history, vibrant culture, and picturesque landscapes. However, this surge in popularity has also led to a significant increase in property prices and the overall cost of living within the city. Consequently, many individuals, including expats … Read more

São João Festival, Porto: How to Celebrate Like A True Tripeiro

lantern ascending at Sao Joao festival in Porto

Today we’re jetting off to the festive streets of Porto, Portugal’s second largest city, for an immersive journey through the vibrant São João Festival. This is not your ordinary travel guide, as we’re going to uncover the hidden gems of this annual extravaganza and help you celebrate it like a true Tripeiro (a nickname for … Read more

Food Tours & Other Foodie Experiences in Porto

Tripas a mode do Porto-min

Porto is home to some of the best food in Portugal and if you’re a serious foodie, you’ll want to sample as many of its culinary creations before you leave. There’s so much to try! There’s the francesinha, the Porto bifana, the eclair, and Porto’s traditional dish: tripe (this isn’t for everyone!).  What’s the best … Read more

Interview: From Berlin to Porto – David McNeill of Expat Empire

David McNeill is the owner of Expat Empire, a website that helps you in the process of moving abroad and which he runs from Porto. But although he’s based in Portugal now, this wasn’t where he initially thought he’d end up.  James: Tell me a little bit about yourself and how you ended up in … Read more

4 Great Hotels for Families in Porto

Finding hotels that are great for families isn’t easy, and that can definitely feel like the case in Porto. Porto’s accommodation, like so many other cities, feels like it was setup to cater for couples or, in the case of all the hostels, young, single travellers. For families, it can be hard to know where … Read more

The Best Ways to Store Your Luggage in Porto

Left luggage storage area in Porto

Carrying bags, whether it’s a suitcase or a backpack, is one of the hardest parts of travelling. Trust me, I know! Even a small day bag can be difficult to lug around, especially in somewhere as hilly as Porto. And you definitely don’t want to try pulling a wheeled suitcase over those cobbled streets. There are … Read more

Francesinha: Masterpiece or Monstrosity? + The Best Francesinhas in Porto


The Francesinha is one of most unique Portuguese dishes, and people either love it or hate it. In Porto, people are immensely proud of their famous sandwich. Any discussion of where to get the best francesinha in Porto can open a intensely heated debate as everyone has their favourite place (see the suggestions below). Made from … Read more

Meetups, Clubs, & Societies: How to make friends in Porto

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More and more people are moving to Porto, and it’s now easier than ever to meet new people and make friends there. That isn’t to say it’s completely easy, though. Moving anywhere is hard and, although Porto is attracting more and more internationals as well as people from other parts of Portugal, the numbers of … Read more

Cost of Living in Porto: The Breakdown


Porto is one of Portugal’s most beautiful cities, and some would say its most beautiful. Although smaller than Lisbon, it has plenty of great bars, restaurants, shops, and cafés. Most importantly, the cost of living in Porto is much more affordable than Lisbon particularly when it comes to rental and property prices. Porto’s proximity to … Read more