The Gay Travel Guide to Porto

Although most people head to Portugal’s capital city, Lisbon, Porto is equally deserving of your time. It’s incredibly quaint and picturesque, it inspired Harry Potter, and it’s where Portugal’s delicious dessert wine, Port, is made. You might not be a fan of Port wine just yet, but don’t worry: you’ll get to try a lot … Read more

Finding Medium & Long Term Accommodation in Porto

Portugal’s second city, Porto, is quickly growing as popular as its first. More and more people are moving to Porto for work, university, as digital nomads, or to join Porto’s growing startup scene. Finding accommodation in any city can be challenging, and Porto is no different. It’s a little easier than Lisbon, which is facing … Read more

Anthony Bourdain Visits Porto in “Parts Unknown”

The late Anthony Bourdain returned to Porto as part of his “Parts Unknown” TV series, and I’ve been meaning to write about it for quite some time. Although this episode was released in 2017, it feels like much older episode than the 2012 “No Reservations” episode about Lisbon. The lighting, the camera work, and that … Read more

8 Hotels Nearest to Porto Airport

Although Porto’s metro system connects with Porto City Centre, sometimes it’s just easier to book an airport hotel—especially if you’re departing early or arriving late. There are several hotels near Porto Airport and many of these are within walking distance of the terminal, so there’s no need for an airport shuttle or taxi (although you … Read more

Did J.K. Rowling Write Harry Potter in Porto?

I spent a lot of time in Edinburgh, a place that’s so closely linked with the creation of Harry Potter that it’s part of the fabric. Everyone in the city knows that a young single mum named Joanne Rowling used to spend her days writing in what is now the Elephant House café. Well, actually, some … Read more