Is there Walmart in Portugal?

Walmart shopping cart

If you’re moving from the US, you may be used to certain supermarkets like Walmart, Trader Joe’s, Target, and Whole Foods. Generally speaking, most of these stores don’t have outlets in Europe and that includes Walmart – although there are Costco stores in Spain. Is there a Portuguese equivalent of Walmart? Not really. The nearest … Read more

17 of the Best Souvenirs to Bring Back from Portugal

small Portuguese bowls, suitable for putting olive stones in or using for dips

When it comes to capturing the essence of Portugal in a souvenir, fridge magnets and T-shirts simply don’t do it justice. The country’s vibrant culture, rich history, and delectable gastronomy offer a treasure trove of unique gifts that are a departure from the commonplace. Here is a curated list of exceptional Portuguese mementos that you … Read more

Where to Buy Electronics & Appliances in Portugal

Couple shopping for a washing machine in a large appliances store

If you’re planning on moving to Portugal, you may be wondering where you buy electronics and appliances and what the cost is likely to be. For those coming from the UK or US, the cost may be more than you’re used to paying, but due to the cost of shipping, the challenges of getting your … Read more

Is Amazon Prime Available in Portugal?

Woman sitting on floor and unboxing Amazon boxes delivered with Amazon Prime

Yes, Amazon Prime is available in Portugal. However, there are a few important points to note.  Firstly, there is no Amazon Portugal. You would be getting a Prime membership with Amazon Spain, which offers free-two day delivery to Portugal on many items. Two-day delivery might not sound particularly fast if you’re used to next day … Read more

Are there Costco Stores in Portugal?

Exterior of a Costco Wholesale store

Costco doesn’t have a store in Portugal, at least currently. There are, however, Costco stores in neighbouring Spain.  Although Costco has stores in a handful of locations in Spain, the most popular store for people living in Portugal is the Seville store. If you live in Faro, the drive time to Costco in Seville is … Read more

Gift Vouchers for People in Portugal: 10+ Easy Gift Ideas

wrapped gift on table

Buying gifts for people living in Portugal or that are coming to Portugal can be difficult but, thankfully, more and more companies now offer gift cards that can be used here. And, let’s be honest: a gift card is a present that’s actually going to get used.  Gift cards are especially great for people that … Read more

A Guide to Christmas in Portugal

lisbon Christmas tree

Christmas in Portugal is a unique experience. For some people, particularly those that come from very cold parts of the world, it doesn’t feel Christmasy enough. For others, the ability to walk outside and even get a little Vitamin D is a real Christmas miracle. The more and more time I spend here, the more … Read more

Groupon-Style Deals Websites in Portugal


Although the quality of deals on websites like Groupon are sometimes questionable, they can be a great place to find restaurant deals, cheap haircuts, gift ideas, and inspiration for things to do. As of 2016, Groupon Portugal no longer exists. Unfortunately, the owners of Groupon made the decision to shut down Groupon in Portugal along … Read more

Amazon Germany: A Delivery Guide for International Shoppers

Amazon Germany ( is the second-largest Amazon store in Europe (only Amazon UK is bigger), and it’s often the cheapest Amazon store as well. It’s not only popular with shoppers in Germany and other German-speaking countries like Austria and Switzerland, but also from other European countries like Portugal. is so popular internationally that it’s actually … Read more