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Remote Worker? Why Not Move to Portugal (or just visit)?

As remote work becomes more and more of a possibility of people, more and more people are looking at Portugal as a remote working destination. And, why wouldn’t you? Portugal, particularly areas like Lisbon and the Algarve, has great year-round weather with 300+ days of sunshine, a lower cost of living, and is easy to fly to from most of Europe. It also has several areas that are nomad hubs, particularly Lisbon but also places like

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How to Find A Clean & Safe Hotel in Portugal

Recently, I decided to take a mid-week trip to Lisbon. I was already in Portugal, so there was no need to look at flights or travel insurance. I mainly just needed a place to stay. When booking a hotel, my main focus is normally price. This time, however, I was more interested in cleanliness. Specially, I was interested in finding a hotel or Airbnb that had been awarded Turismo de Portugal’s Clean & Safe seal

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Praia de Armação de Pêra in August 2019

Despite Coronavirus, 48% of Tourists Would Visit Portugal in 2020

Almost half (48.3%) of people who had planned to visit Portugal in 2020 would still do so if travel restrictions were lifted, with the majority (52.7%) hoping to visit Portugal in the autumn or winter. This is the big takeaway from Portugalist’s April 2020 survey of its readers, which had more than 700 responses.  Why are people still willing to travel to Portugal? For many people, the stories they’ve seen in their news feed over

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What to See & Do in Porto

There’s so much to see and do in Porto. From historical attractions to Port tasting, you’ll probably finish your trip to Porto wishing you’d had more time here. Every time I come to Porto, I always find new interesting shops, attractions, and hidden gems all around the city. What to SEE Ribeira Neighbourhood Verdict: See it! Although very touristy, the riverside neighbourhood of Ribeira is one of the most beautiful parts of Porto. From here


Supermarkets in Portugal: A Guide to Online & Offline Shopping

If you’re visiting Portugal for the first time, you may not know what all of the Portuguese supermarkets are. Some names you’ll probably recognise (Lidl and Aldi, for example), but you may never have heard of Continente, Pingo Doce, or Auchan. It’s often a good idea to check if there’s a supermarket near where you’re staying. This is especially true if you’re self catering or if you’re moving to Portugal long-term. Don’t forget markets as

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How NOT to Buy Weed in Portugal

In a previous article, I looked at whether weed was legal in Portugal. Long story short: it’s not. It’s decriminalised, which isn’t the same as being legal. Decriminalised means you won’t go to jail for smoking or possessing a small amount of weed and, although some people do get sent to rehab or other lightweight punishments, it’s unlikely you’ll have any problems. However, it doesn’t mean that it’s easy to buy weed in Portugal. Ignore

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Portugal Travel Guide: Where to go, when to go, Money, & Everything Else

Since first travelling in Portugal back when I was 21, I have since travelled all over the country – to every corner on continental Portugal and across the Portuguese islands in the Atlantic Ocean.  The following guide to travel in Portugal is based on many years of travelling and living in Portugal. Hopefully, it’ll help you make the most of your time here.  Portugal is a fantastic country to travel in. It’s friendly and welcoming,

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Visiting Gibraltar from the Algarve

I’ve always been curious to see what Gibraltar is like, having heard of mixture of good and bad things about if. Recently, I decided to make the trip from the Algarve to Gibraltar to see the famous rock for myself. This article explains how you can do the same. The Algarve is just a few hours from both Seville and Gibraltar and many people visiting the Algarve often decide to tag one or two of

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Kudeejeen: Exploring Bangkok’s Portuguese Neighbourhood

I first visited Bangkok back in 2016 and probably walked very close to the Portuguese neighbourhood of Kudeejeen without even realising it. It wasn’t until after I left Bangkok that I realised there was this little slice of Portugal hidden in the Thai capital.  In 2019, I had the chance to go back to Bangkok and made it my mission to check out this hidden neighbourhood. I love seeking out little pieces of Portugal around

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Hiring a Car in Portugal

Should you rent a car for your trip to Portugal? It depends. If you’re only visiting the major towns and cities – places like Lisbon, Porto, and Coimbra – you can easily get between them by bus or by train. You definitely don’t need a car inside the cities either. But, if you plan to venture away from the main towns and cities, it may make sense to rent a car, particularly if: You plan