Are there Age Limits for Moving to Portugal?

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If you’re approaching your golden years, you may be wondering if there’s a cut-off age for moving to Portugal.  The good news is that there isn’t an age limit for moving to Portugal. You can move to Portugal regardless of how old you are, assuming you meet the other criteria. Every year, thousands of people … Read more

Lisbob: NIF Numbers & Other Services for Expats in Portugal

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Lisbon is a helpful website for expats and prospective expats that provides information on moving to Portugal, Spain, Italy, and Greece. As well as information, Lisbob also offers a number of services, such as a NIF service where they can get you a Portuguese NIF number in as little as 24 hours. Lisbob has kindly … Read more

Bordr: NIFs, Bank Accounts, & Other Essentials for Moving to Portugal

Bordr is a new startup that aims to make Portuguese bureaucracy easier for foreigners who want to move to Portugal. The website was started by Richard and Kathleen, a husband and wife duo who themselves had gone through the challenges of getting a visa (the D7) and moving to Portugal. Having felt that there was … Read more