Belmonte Travel Guide: A Portuguese Town With Two Very Unique Stories

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Although I was travelling around the Castelo Branco region, I hadn’t planned on visiting Belmonte. Thankfully, the owner of the hostel that I stayed in insisted that I had to visit and I decided to add it to the itinerary. Belmonte is a very small but very beautiful Portuguese village. While the real attraction is … Read more

Águeda Travel Guide: What to See & Do in Portugal’s Umbrella City

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While driving between Coimbra and Aveiro, I had the chance to stop off at the original umbrella city: Águeda. I was really impressed by the umbrella sky project, and all of the other artwork that goes with the annual ÁgitÁgueda Art Festival, and how it had transformed this Central Portuguese town into a hub of … Read more

Monsanto: the Most Portuguese Village in Portugal?

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Monsanto is somewhere that has been on my “Portugal bucketlist” for a very long time, and so I was very excited to finally get to see it. It didn’t disappoint – the town was just as magical as it looked in the pictures. In 1938, Monsanto was voted the “most Portuguese village in Portugal” – … Read more

Castelo Branco Travel Guide: What to See, Do, & Eat

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I didn’t know much about Castelo Branco before visiting other than its growing popularity as both a mini tech hub – some jokingly refer to it as Portugal’s Silicon Valley – and a popular place for expat retirees due to its low housing cost. While the city didn’t particularly win me over, the surrounding Castelo … Read more

Aveiro Travel Guide: Welcome to the Venice of Portugal

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I have been lucky to visit Aveiro, the “Venice of Portugal,” several times. I really like it. It is small, and there are only a few things to see and do, but it’s very beautiful and perfect for a weekend break or a short stop on a larger trip around Portugal.  Aveiro is a small … Read more

Coimbra Travel Guide: What to See & Do, Where to Stay, & More

Largo da Portagem Coimbra

I actually lived in Coimbra as a child, although I was so young that I don’t remember much about it. Since moving back to Portugal, I’ve been lucky enough to spend some time here and to get to know this city as an adult. Over the past few years, Coimbra has become an incredibly popular … Read more

Fátima Travel Guide: Things to do, See, & Experience in Fátima

Sanctuary of Fatima

Although Fátima is a small city that existed long before it became a spiritual destination, when most people think of Fátima they think of the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Fátima. The sanctuary attracts somewhere between 5 and 8 million visitors every year, most of whom are deeply religious but also many who are spiritual … Read more

Phallic Pottery: Caldas Da Rainha’s Unusual Dying Industry

Caldas da Rainha is famous for its pottery, particularly ceramic cabbage bowls that can be found in homes all over Portugal and even around the world. But there’s another type of pottery that Caldas has become famous for: louça fálica. Walk into many (not all) of the pottery shops in Caldas da Rainha and, in … Read more

Berlangas: An Unmissable Day Trip from Peniche

Berlenga Fortress

The Berlengas archipelago is a small group of islands located roughly 10-15 km off the Portuguese coast, although many people use the word to refer to the main island: Berlenga Grande. The archipelago is a protected reserve, home to all kinds of creatures and foliage but especially seagulls and lizards, and tourists are only able … Read more

Caldas da Rainha: Travel Guide

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Caldas da Rainha is a spa town that’s situated around 90 km north of Lisbon. The town was founded in the 15th Century by Queen Leonor, the wife of King Dom JoãoII, who established a church and a hospital at the thermal springs. Queen Leonor had had a wound that had not healed, but it … Read more