Wine, Whales, & A Very Big Mountain – The Pico Island Travel Guide

Famous for wine, whales, and its mountain, Pico is becoming an ever-increasingly popular island to visit on The Azores.  It’s also relatively easy to get to. It may not have direct flights from mainland Portugal yet, but the nearby Island of Faial does and you can get connecting flights from many of the other islands. … Read more

Sintra Travel Guide: What to See, Do, & Eat

Sintra Travel Guide Header

Visit Sintra and you will be surrounding by tuk-tuks, tourist trap restaurants, thousands of people taking selfies, and everything else that’s annoying touristy places. But as annoying as all of that can be, it’s not worth missing Sintra over. Sintra is one of the most beautiful places in Portugal, and somewhere that you definitely should … Read more

What to See & Do in Porto

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There’s so much to see and do in Porto. From historical attractions to Port tasting, you’ll probably finish your trip to Porto wishing you’d had more time here. Every time I come to Porto, I always find new interesting shops, attractions, and hidden gems all around the city. What to SEE Ribeira Neighbourhood Verdict: See … Read more

Barcelos Travel Guide: What to See in Portugal’s Rooster City

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After seeing the Barcelos rooster everywhere in Portugal, and even using it in the logo for this website, I knew Barcelos was just somewhere that I had to visit. As luck would have it, I’ve ended up visiting it several times and am now intimately familiar with the famous rooster city. Barcelos’ best attraction is … Read more

Raposeira: A quaint base for your Algarve holiday

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I don’t know how many times I’ve driven past Raposeira – countless times probably – but, for whatever reason, I’d never stopped there. I was surprised to discover quite a pretty little town. Anyone who’s spent any time on on the Algarve’s West Coast will have driven through Raposeira at some point. Located roughly 10 … Read more

Belmonte Travel Guide: A Portuguese Town With Two Very Unique Stories

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Although I was travelling around the Castelo Branco region, I hadn’t planned on visiting Belmonte. Thankfully, the owner of the hostel that I stayed in insisted that I had to visit and I decided to add it to the itinerary. Belmonte is a very small but very beautiful Portuguese village. While the real attraction is … Read more

Amarante Travel Guide: What to See & Do

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Amarante is one of the most beautiful towns in Portugal, and somewhere that I’ve actually been coming to for many decades – first as a child living in Portugal, then as a teenager visiting with family, and most recently as an adult. Even though the town is small, I’ve been here before, and I’ve seen … Read more

20+ Typical Azores Foods To Look Out For

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Situated in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, around 1,500 km from Lisbon lies the Azores archipelago. Although a part of Portugal, The Azores is very different: the climate is different, the scenery is different, and the food is different as well. Unless you go to a specialist Azorean restaurant or shop in continental Portugal, … Read more