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    We are British citizens who have been resident in France for 18 years but we want to move to Portugal once covid issues are over! We do not have an income and will be living off capital only. I have a few questions please: Will we be allowed to become resident in Portugal without a regular income (our capital is not as much as €500k but we will buy a property but under €300k)? Can you point me to any articles about taxes you have to pay and info about the health system and cost of private health cover? Thank you and thank you for your website and all the great info you are providing.

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    James Cave

    Hi Sue,

    You do not have to buy a property to get residency in Portugal. That’s just one route. The D7 is a more popular route –

    It is possible to move without a regular income, but you would need to have sufficient means of supporting yourselves.

    As for taxes, it’s worth reading up on the NHR regime –

    I don’t think there are any articles about public health and health insurance (yet) but they will be added soon.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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