D7 – Time Allowed Outside of Portugal

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    I already have a D7 visa and have been a resident of Portugal for the past 3 years. I’m a freelancer and although I mostly work remotely, but I sometimes travel back to the US for work.
    I’d love any clarification on the max amount of time one is allowed to be outside of Portugal (/Schengen). SEF states that the max is “six consecutive months or eight un-sequential months”. That is clear, but the confusion arises from what that time period applies to. SEF says that max applies to the ‘validity period’ of the permit’ BUT that would mean that one could be out of Portugal for twice as long on the first 1year permit than on the subsequent 2year permit. And further confusing the issue, SEF recently extended all temporary residency permits by 1 year due to Covid. Does that mean that max-time outside of Portugal is now 8 months in 3 years?

    Any guidance here would be much appreciated.

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    Susan L Korthase

    SEF hasn’t updated their allowances for absences from Portugal after passing the new 2 and 3 year validity periods. I have been looking for this info since last March!

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