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    Patricia Keehley

    In case anyone is interested, we interviewed with VFS in San Francisco on Feb 9th and received our passports with the D7 visa on Mar 12. We were told it might take 6 to 8 weeks so we were pleasantly surprised that it took only 4.5 weeks.

    We worked with an immigration attorney in Lisbon. She scheduled the VFS interview, coached us on documents, and she’ll help us with the final interview with immigration officials currently scheduled for July 19th. The VFS ‘interview’ was really a thorough review of our documents. We had no discussion about our plans, intent, financial status, etc.

    We’re headed to the silver coast and welcome any advice about the area.


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    James Cave

    Thanks for sharing this, Patricia!

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    Hi Patricia,
    We are also looking at scheduling this. Can you tell us which immigration attorney you worked with? There is lot of fragmented information on the internet and we were really looking for a full service relocation or immigration attorney to help us.

    Also, you mentioned you received passports with D7 visa already. The July 19th interview, is it with SEF in Portugal? Or is it with Consulate still in SFO? i got confused by that comment


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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