Daily/weekly public transportation passes (Lisbon)

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    Rob B.

    Hi, James.

    I’m doing some preliminary planning for a week long trip this summer with my wife and 3 teenage boys, ages 15-18. I used to live in Portugal in the 80s as a teenager. My friends and I used the bus/metro/train to get around — we had monthly passes that covered everything. Is there a weekly or daily pass that covers buses, trains (to Sintra and/or Cascias) and the metro?

    Relatedly, I’m debating whether to use Cascais or Lisbon as our central base. Any thoughts? Sintra/Cascais/Guincho and maybe Caparica or Obidos would be on our wish list as well. I also expect they’ll want to venture out on their own and not be stuck hanging out with Mom and Dad the whole time. Based on my experience from several decades ago, I am comfortable letting them explore on their own as long as they keep our address and phone number available.

    Thanks in advance and happy new year!


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    James Cave

    Hi Rob,

    The Viva Viagem card can be used for these journeys. It costs €0.50c to get one and you can top it up fairly easily as well. The easiest place to buy one is usually the machines in the metro stations. You can top it up here as well.

    Using this card (as opposed to cash) automatically makes your journeys cheaper on things like the tram. It’s also possible to get a monthly card (not sure about weekly) but this card is normally enough for most people. There’s definitely a daily option, which may be an option for some days when you plan to use it a lot more.


    There’s also the option of the Lisboa Card, which is mainly for access to museums and attractions but also covers public transport as well.


    As far as a base goes, Lisbon is going to be a lot easier than Cascais. If you stay close to Cais do Sodré or even Alcantara, you can easily get the train to a beach like Carcavelos in around 20 minutes.

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