I have temporary Spanish residency card and would like to move to portugal

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    sandra arnold

    Hi James
    I moved to Spain last year and now have a Spanish temporary residence card TIE issued under the withdrawal agreement. I have a passive income of over 1200 euros from my ex parnter. I will be tax resident in Spain for the coming year. However I intend to invest in Bitcoin in the near future after selling UK property and believe that the procedes of such investments are non taxable in Portugal but are taxable in Spain. This is the main reason for considering moving to Portugal. Would I be eligible for the D7 visa?

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    James Cave

    Hi Sandra,

    I think you’d need to speak to a financial expert re: the bitcoin and selling your house but, as far as I know, the thing that’s non-taxable in Portugal is if the currency gains value.

    So if you buy 1 bitcoin for $1 and sell it for $2, you wouldn’t be taxed on that $1 profit (in theory – I don’t know if anyone has tested this).

    However, if you buy and sell a house, you can’t avoid paying tax just by moving the profit into bitcoin.

    As for the D7, it will depend on the nature of the income.

    €1200 meets the financial requirement, but where it comes from (e.g. pension, salary, etc) is also important.

    You said it was from your ex partner? I can imagine that would be viewed as unstable, in comparison to a pension which is a set amount, paid out by the government, on a regular basis.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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