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    Lucy Ford

    My husband and I are moving out to Portugal in March. We have a Portuguese Lawyer, NIF number and a Portuguese bank account. We also have rented accommodation lined up for 4 months while we look for a property to buy. We are hoping to buy property with an annex or separate accommodation that can earn us an income, however, we also have savings. My question is, do we still need a visa even if we already have our NIF numbers? If so, would it be the D7?

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    James Cave

    Hi Lucy,

    You didn’t say where you’re from, but I’m guess it’s the UK?

    As the UK has now left the EU, you do need a visa to move to Portugal (unless you can prove you were living here before the end of last year).

    As to the type of visa, it really depends. The D7 is suitable for those that have some kind of income coming in already e.g. a pension, rental properties abroad, etc.

    The D2 is aimed at those that don’t have that regular (and ideally passive) income and are planning to start a business in Portugal.

    The Golden Visa is another option if your property will cost 500k+ or (as little as 280k in some cases).

    Your lawyer should really have informed you on all of this.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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