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    Hi All

    My partner, my daughter and I (all Portuguese) moved to the UK at the End of 2015. We all have now Settled status, but due to family reasons, we are thinking about going back to Portugal but working remotely for our current employers (both UK companies)

    Can we do that? What are the tax implications? What are the legal steps we need to follow? Who should we contact about this?

    Any help is most appreciated 🙂

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    James Cave

    Well, as Portuguese passport holders you obviously don’t have to apply for residency. You can move back to Portugal easily.

    Yes, you can work remotely for a UK company in Portugal although you definitely should speak to your employers to make sure they’re okay with it. There may be payroll and other implications for them.

    Tax-wise, living in Portugal you would be tax resident here. Taxes in Portugal are higher than the UK, but you should be eligible for the NHR program which could be beneficial. See here: https://www.portugalist.com/nhr-tax-pensioners/

    I’ll put you in touch with a Portuguese company that can help with the PT side of things. There are also some UK things to consider, such as whether you want to continue making voluntary national insurance contributions while living in Portugal.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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