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    Anthony Wood

    My wife and i had planned to retire to Cantabria Spain in the countryside near to Santander. As the Spanish Visa requirements since Brexit have changed it is no longer attractive to us. I have studied Spain for years but i know little about Portugal other than two trips to the Algarve on stag parties many years ago. I am initily attracted to the Porto area and especialy the Duoro Valley, any advice on similarities with Cantabria would be appreciated?

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    James Cave

    Hi Anthony,

    Yes, Portugal is definitely more appealing visa-wise at the moment – particularly the D7.

    The North of Portugal, especially the area around the Douro, is very different from the Algarve. It’s definitely not the sort of place you’d go for a stag party. It’s incredibly green and lush, with what I imagine is quite a similar climate to the North of Spain (perhaps slightly better). This is still a very traditional and unspoilt part of Portugal.

    I don’t know Cantabria well, but the North of Portugal has a lot of similarities with Galicia in terms of climate, food, and even the language. I do think that this part of Portugal could be a very good match for you, but comparing it to Cantabria in the hope of finding a Portuguese equivalent may lead to disappointment.

    As for the language, I think your Spanish should be a big help to learning Portuguese but you may find that once you start to learn Portuguese, you’ll lose your Spanish.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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