Retiring to portugal (Post Brexit)

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    I am planning to retire to portugal this year 2021 .I already own a house in portugal and have been paying the appropriate taxes on it for 5 years now . I will be using the proceeds of the sale of my existing UK property to live off and estimate this income over 20 years would be around the 1000 € per month .as said i already own the house in portugal so no costs for housing . My first pension starts in 3 years time which is then in addition to the forementioned income . What steps do I need to take to move in terms of official paperwork ? I am a UK citizen Thank you 😊

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    James Cave

    Hi Mark,

    I’m not sure if it’s clear yet if there are any special arrangements for UK citizens who want to move to Portugal as it’s still quite early. If not, the most likely route would be via the D7 visa which is what 3rd country nationals such as Americans use.

    This article discusses the D7 in a little more depth:

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